D' Angelo {Twelve}

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     "Yep, I'm gonna go in right more."

     "Okay, I'll be laying here by the time that you are done. Okay?"

     "Yep, can you do my streaks?"

     "Yeah, sure." Maria answered.

     "Thanks." I answered.

     "Uh-huh." Maria answered as I turned around to walk out of the room. I jumped into the shower and came out after about five minutes. I walk into my room after I got out to see Maria laying on my bed, maybe asleep. 

     "Maria, are you still awake?"

     "Yep, come here." Maria answered. 

I walked over to my bed and tell Maria that I had to get dressed first. 

     "NO! It's an emergency!" Maria fired back. So I walked over there quickly. "I ahve my travel softball game in two days and I NEED to go!"

     "How many players does your team have without you?"


      "Okay, I'll get you home and I'll stay for the tournament, too! If you don't mind."

     "Nah, I don't care. You can stay at my house this time."

     "Okay. My dad can drive you home tomorrow."

     "Yeah, but I have a game tomorrow night. It takes about two and a half hours from here to my house."

     "So, we can leave at 9:30 am if you want." I told her.

     "Okay, but how are we gonna get there.?" 

      "My dad can drive us there. He has to be at Fenway at seen tomorrow night, so he'll be back here in time for the game."

     "Okay, let's go ask him." 

     "Yeah, let's go do it right now." I answered as I walked out of my room to Mom and Dad's room. When I got to their door, I knocked and they told me to come in. I did as I was told and walked into the room with Maria behind me.

     "What I can I do for you, guys?" David asks. 

     "Um... Dad can I have a HUGE favor to ask you."

     "K, hit me up." Dad answered. I paused. 

     "Can you drive Maria and I to Maine?


  Among your friends or family, what are you famous for? 

Sports- most likely softball.

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