Chapter 5

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Wade pov


After the got done pumping my stomach I was out until the next day, today. My eyes open, everything is blurry, but I can see people in my room.

I move my head up and it starts pounding. "Agh." I cry as I sit up. It feels like somebody is scraping sharp nails down my brain.

"Oh, Wade, baby, you're awake." My mothers voice says. "Baby, you overdosed." She starts bawling now and my head is feeling like it's about to explode.

"Mom, quiet down. His head has got to be killing him." Jeremy says putting his hand on her shoulder.

"He could have died!" She wails.

"Stop!" I croak squeezing my eyes shut. "Please! Just shut up!" I snap holding my head. The room goes quiet and I hear Jeremy escorting my mother from the room.

The nurse comes in the room seconds later checking my up and giving me a big glass of milk. I mumble a thank you and drown it down.

When my eyes finally focus I see Rhys in the back of the room, her hands hooked around her legs. "What are you doing here?" I snarl, raged. She looks up at me, her big eyes watching me.

She untangles her arms and legs and walks over to me in a graceful manner. "I may not know you very well," she starts, her voice venomous. "But you need to get your act together. Everyone else has but you." She jabs bed finger right in my chest. Before I can say a word; she continues. "If you really loved me, you wouldn't be acting this way. Taking to much medication, drinking. Possibly doing drugs. Is this the Wade I fell in love with once?"


"I'm done with your excuses!" She says. "This has gone far enough." Her hand is on my shoulder has she leans forward. My chest aching, my heart beating. Her lips coming close. Then she brings her mouth to my ear, "make me love you, Wade. Make me." She purrs before patting my cheek and walking out of the room.

I know I should be listening to what she was saying, but all I could really think about was how hot that was. Agh.

Jeremy walks back into the room with a calm Mom and observant Regina. Mom sits next to me as I try to get myself in check. Still a bit flustered by what just happen.

"Sorry, Mom, sorry for yelling at you." I say taking her hand. She smiles softly.

"I want you to come home with me, Wade. Come back to California." She says quietly. Regina looks angry as my mother says this. "You can get away from your past her with Rhys, you'll have all your old friends and you can be there when I raise the kids." Mom says.

"But you don't have to go Wade. You can stay here with me and Jeremy. You could finish the school year here and maybe even get close with Rhys again." Regina says and Jeremy looks away, not knowing who's side for me to take.

"But...I...I don't know. Rhys is trying to give me another chance. I can love her again." I say touching her ring around my neck, I will never take it off. Even know we are not in the best terms, part of me just wont let me take it off.

"But you can start new." My mother coaxes. I want to listen to my mom and go, but I want to love Rhys. I want to make her love me.

"I don't know Mom. I just need some time to myself." I say rubbing my head.

"Of course, just let me know when you can. We are going to be moving soon. You can choose your room and everything. I leave tomorrow to go home." She says patting my hand.

I sigh as Mom and Regina go out to the hallway with heated glares. Jeremy sits on the side of my bed looking at me.

"What did you do? How could you?" He asks. His arms crossing had he deadpans me.

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