prologue (new version)

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*Warning-This is no story of a love triangle. If you wish to think so, you can.*

"You keep your end of the deal and I'll keep mine," I exhorted, taking the money from the man leering at me from across the bar counter.

"Miss Black?" I made out the cold, but sharp voice behind me. It knocked every wisp of air from my lungs.

I pivoted on my heel to meet his eyes, "you?"

He crossed the line, and I didn't forget. I won't rest until you're devastated, by that I mean dead.

"I thought I assigned you some work that was due tonight, Ms.Black." He inched closer, shrinking the distance between us.

"I was going," I said, piqued, glaring at him.

"Why are you glaring at me?"

"I'm hoping you'll spontaneously combust," I seethed.

In two long strides, he tugged me from my chair and pinned me against the bar's counter top. The Edm blared in my ears, blocking me out of all the thoughts that swam in my head. His strong and gentle hands began to stroke me, his hands, his lips, his tongue. Gentle. But frightening. Completely aware of what he was doing. "You sure you can do this?" I felt my nipples rise and it startled me.

And, I was nothing but my body. My body convulsed in his shielding arms. I seemed to rise in the air. The sweetness was incredible. I was going to ruin him. This time, this is it for you, Mr.Parker. There isn't a place you can hide, I will hunt you down and destroy you. I don't care how it happens. I just need your steel grey eyes extinguished from this world.

"Tell me," he pressed me hard against him. I was panting. I threw my head back. I felt a rush of helplessness, the sinking, capitulating, the sweeping tide of heat that left me limp in his arms.

Kat, he is nothing but your regular fuck.

His hands drifted up inside my skimpy skirt with his fingers splayed wide, "what are you here for?"

His wanton fingers grazed just down where the insides of my thighs touched, "for...for money," I stuttered incoherently, still sticking to my grounds.

"How many fucks are you looking for tonight? Five, six?" he ridiculed when his skilful fingers hovered over my moist folds.

"You, just you."


So, yeah! I am here with the next book!!

You must be wondering, all of the cover and interior changed. Yes, this is the revamped version of Venomous Love. This new story which you are getting to read only now has been spinning in my head for over one year. I was really scared to put it across thinking about the existing tolerance level in this society. So, I had to put this down and had to write something different that was 'socially acceptable' which was apparently the previous version of Venomous Love you guys read. I somehow couldn't find an interest to write the old version of it because that was not the story I had originally planned for Venomous Love. So,I decided, you know what, fuck the society, I was going to write what I want to. So, here you go.

Phew! That was such a relief.

Now to the story.

Who do you think is featured in this prologue? Alpheus or Sebastian? What do you think will happen when the protagonist herself turns into the villain? I am so pumped to write this bad ass girl's story! Are you as ready as I am to read it?

Thank you so much for the amazing love and support you have been rendering to I Was Never Yours,Mr.CEO. I owe it to you all. I hope this book doesn't disappoint you. Does it sound interesting?

Here is where I would like to leave another MAJOR WARNING. Please read this.

In my last book, blamed me as to why I didn't leave warning about the ending at the start of the book itself. Whereas I did. I kept reminding everyone that my previous book was not going to have regular cliched endings. I don't do cliches.

If you are looking for such kind of endings, please walk yourself away from my book. But if you want cliches, no, not this book. Don't blame me at the end if you're not pleased with it, because NEWS FLASH, that's not my job.

For spoilers and constant updates about my works, you can follow me on Instagram @rainbowlovie or you can join my facebook group, the link to which is available on my bio.

Keep supporting. Much love xo.

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