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Here's I present an updated and an entirely different version of Hogaya Hai Pyar Tumse (My previous book).
Those who wanted me to continue that story, I'm sorry I could not as I were not satisfied with my writings and wanted to change the story line as well  so here's a new one. Hope you like it :)

You might get annoyed by the change of characters of Ishita and Raman and the way they're gonna keep up their relationship. Trying to write something intense and you guys might despise Ishita for her behaviour. Not going to reveal more but it's like a role reversal.

PS. Read at your own risk, not because of the mature content (that won't be present in the story or maybe I could add some) but I'll be writing it in a way you guys would get confused. Well, don't get pissed off and try to enjoy it. 😂 it felt like I'm commanding you guys 😌

First chapter will be updated in a day or two, till then wait for it.

Anyone who's excited as I am toh comment zarur karna 😂

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