= Chapter 53 =

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" You could tear me apart, but I'll scrape my knees on the pavement to get the keys to your heart."

-Jeremy Lockhart

"I'll leave you guys alone." Savannah excused herself before passing the package to me.  My fingers slid over the package, wondering why this package is extremely large compared to the other clues we got.

Giving one last glance at Jeremy, I ripped the blue paper off the package. Our eyes met with another black box and an envelope. Jeremy immediately took hold of the envelope and read the letter within it before passing it to me with wide eyes.

 Jeremy immediately took hold of the envelope and read the letter within it before passing it to me with wide eyes

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My eyes scanned over the invitation but it paused just a second more at who the invite was from.

"Do you think they know you're Blades?" I asked softly.

"I doubt Razor would tell Bronze Eagles, it would not help his ego at all especially by the fact that a teenager could beat him up to the pulp. " Jeremy chuckled, definitely boasting about himself.

Focusing back at the big black box, a small smile played on my lips. I pulled the cover off to come upon a wine red sunvary high low strapless chiffon dress which had tiny diamonds sparkled from the waist upwards, it was absolutely beautiful. While being completely absorbed into the dress, Jeremy took out the sleek looking tuxedo which was folded neatly. Along with that came two black masks that looked both elegant and beautiful.

"Damn, Sky can't wait to see you in that." Jeremy wolf whistled, wiggling his eyebrows mischievously.

"Try not to stare too much on that night." I flipped my hair over my shoulder.

"I can't promise you that, neither can I promise you that I'll keep my hands off you." He leaned closer causing shivers to run down my spine just thinking about it.

"This coming Saturday night is going to be interesting, but we have to get back to LA in time." I said in panic, ready to pack up already.

"We will get back in time, don't worry. If we leave tomorrow morning, we'll be back on Saturday...I just really want to spend today night with you...away from all the distractions and people." He held both my hands in his, with pleading eyes he asked.

Biting my lip, I nodded in agreement.

"You guys done? I really need to get going, sorry about that." Savannah came back into the living room awkwardly. Picking up our items, she led us to the door.

"Thanks Savannah for helping us." I thanked with sincere gratitude while Jeremy called for a taxi.



"Promise me that Dante wouldn't get hurt in any case, he's different.."

"I know he's different Savannah, you've been telling u–"

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