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Hey guys - I'm back! Hasn't been that long, but ah well.

Now I've been receiving a ton of requests for short stories/drabbles focusing on Breaking Faith (and Haven too) and its characters ever since it ended and I'm on bored - why not? I miss writing about Rieka and her self-loathing adventures, so yeah, here we are.

So this will be request based; meaning - You ask, I deliver. Granted it's within my capabilities - meaning, sorry folks, no lemons.

But other than that; the floor is yours. I'm guessing most will be AU, and they can be anything to Modern AU's to What If's (Eg. Cast in a High School OR If Rieka never left Konoha.) And virtually anything in-between.

Any genre; straight cliche romance, drama, pure comedy, crack, adventure, family/angst - let's get some variety!

Heck, I could even write about Rieka time travelling to Fay's time if that's what you guys want.

Long story short; I'm really bored.

Request away!

Thanks :)



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