Now that I have finished this book a while ago, I decided to prepare some questions in order to have your overall opinion of the book.

Of course, I don't force you to but you'd help me a lot since knowing its flaws and its fortes will be useful information for the sequel.

Please be brutally honest.

If you had to rate this book, what would you say ? 1-10

How did you stumble upon story (Recommendation of a friend, Wattpad, Hot List etc.) ?

Things you liked about the book.

Did you like the ending ? (I already know the answer of some of you guys :D)

If you have already started the sequel, how do you like it so far ?

Your favorite ship ? :D

If you had to write a review, what would you say ?

Your favorite character ( and why )?

Your thoughts on the overall characters ?

Your thoughts on the overall message of the book (or excerpts from the book) ?

Thank you very much for taking time and answering the questions. I really do appreciate the effort <3

If you want me to do a Q&A, just comment your questions down below.

If there are enough questions, I will definitely proceed to do a chapter about it :)

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