Colour [Maehara Hiroto]

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Soulmate! AU: When you meet your soulmate you can see the world in colour. If they die you go back seeing grey/black/white.


Her hair flowing in the wind with a bright smile on her face. Her eyes were filled with curiosity although they were in grey he imagined them.

She was an angel.

Maehara would always see her around the school, chatting to her friends and giggling. However, they never made eye contact.

He had soon begun to develop feelings for her but it was wrong. He had to find his soulmate.


Walking around the street he saw you. Carrying a bag of things you bought from the supermarket.

As you were about to cross the street, he looked at you in the eye. Suddenly, patches of colour appeared. What he found mesmerising was the colour of your eyes.

They were bright just like he imagined and full of happiness.

The traffic light turned red letting you cross to the other side of the path. You gave Maehara a big grin.

"I'm (l/n) (f/n). How about you?"

"Maehara Hiroto."

"You're my soulmate and I hope to get to know you more!"

"Uhhh... here is my p-phone n-number!" Maehara stuttered.


You and Maehara's relationship had been going very steady for two months. Today you were going to visit the boy.

"Miss, I'm going to call ambulance don't move too much."

You groaned in pain. Lying on the road as you were slowly bleeding from the accident.

The blood was in a deep colour of red and the sight wasn't beautiful.

Pieces of glass were everywhere, your bike was twisted and bent from the collision.

"We've lost the driver he's gone!"

"(y/n) please hold on while the ambulance is coming, is there anything you would like me to do?"

"Please call Maehara Hiroto."


"Isogai will she come?"

"Chill Maehara, it's been 10 minutes it's ok!"

"She's never this late! Mostly 5 minutes off!" The male whined as he looked up at the clock.


Maehara looked at his phone an unknown caller. Probably one of his fangirls, he'd have to reject her.


"Maehara thank you for answering. It's me your soulmate, (f/n), I'm sorry I'm late!"

"Why are there ambulance sirens are you okay?"

"It's because- Miss you need to get off the phone, we need to move you."

"Are you still coming here? I hear ambulances are few meters from the apartment here...."

"Something like that I have to go now."

You felt tired, blinking as you tried to keep awake. You really wanted to see Maehara once more.

"Seriously?! Are you actually hurt and you're in the accident?" Maehara raised his voice, he was scared of loosing you.

"No, nothing like that...."

The male relaxed, he believed you. Trusting you were making a good decision, in a few minutes you would great him with your angelic smile.

"They're here finish speaking-, Maehara can I hear your voice once more?"

"What's hap-" he was cut off with the line dead.

Isogai watched as his friend worry, patting his back as he persuaded him not to worry.

Inside Maehara had this gut feeling you were lying.

Few meters away from the apartment, you gave the lady a small smile. You slowly closed your eyes, nodding at her. 

Relaxing as you were never going to be woken.

Few meters from the accident sat Maehara, jolting as the colour begin to fade and disappear.

"No, (f/n)-"

It had begun to make sense and the boy was shocked the truth was horrible. It hit him like a train.




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