Chapter 9 - Daydreaming

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The second chapter I promised!


Chapter 9



He huffed out a growl. "You heard what I said. Once again, we don't get through the door and then you blow everything up plus you will most likely block everyone out, as per usual."

I sighed. "Please Cameron,"

"No; I want to know why you seem to block out the world when something bad happens." He grabbed me by the arm and yanked me forward in the middle of the alleyway. "Tell me."

The bar behind us was still a raging box of fire. Bonnie and everyone else had already fled from the place. Hopefully, they'd gone back to the motel to collect our belongings so we could move on.

Cam had black soot buried within his hair and smudged against his cheek and chest. His jeans dirtied and his shoes a little worn.

"Because that's what I do best." I finally replied. "That's what I've been doing for the past two years, alright? It's killing me." A crackling sound above made me glance up. It was starting to rain. I turned my gaze back to Cam and pressed a hand to my chest. "My heart burns whenever I think about it. It pains me to look at Kim and Jack kiss and hug and show affection. And if you as a friend can't understand that-"

"I'm your friend now?" He started laughing, holding his stomach as he did so. The rain pelted against the top of my head and shoulders. The heat of my skin and the pelt of the rain created the hot mist, or smoke even, that radiated into the air.

"That's rich," He continued. "At the beginning, you hated me, we stand on the roof last night and you tell me you're considering forgiving me and this morning you and I talk like its normal. Tell me, where is the word, 'friend' thought about within any of what I said. First-"

"Alright, I get the damn point. I messed up. I've been messing up. Dammit Cameron can you make me feel any shittier?" I started to walk again but once again he grabbed my forearm and tugged me back.

"I am not making you feel like shit. I am asking you what everyone else is thinking. I am asking you why you feel it's necessary to throw everyone out of your life when something bad happens."

"Because that's how I feel!" I yelled into his face just in case there was a misunderstanding. "I feel like I've been thrown out of most of my friend's lives, my parent's lives all because of what happened two years ago. Because I was stupid enough to be persuaded by those asshole demon's, Eli and Grigori. If I could find Grigori I'd rip his heart from his chest..."

Cameron bought me in for a hug and rested his head beside mine. Although the building was burning behind us, I stood there and let him hug me. I guess, it was something I needed. A hug. I felt like an alien sometimes. I did things that I never thought I'd do.

"I'm sorry," He mumbled and surprised me when he lightly pressed a kiss to my temple. I blinked and pulled back from the embrace, not sure what to make of it. The side of his head he wasn't pressed to mine was bleeding. "I shouldn't have said that to you. I know what you're going through must be hard."

I snorted.

"Alright, hard is an understatement. But I promised I would help find Gabriel. So I'll keep that promise. Now, let's get out of here before someone finds us."

We jogged back to the motel and ran up to the rooms ignoring the questions from the woman behind the desk. Bonnie opened the door to us and sighed heavily. I wasn't expecting her to be shocked at my appearance, my lack of clothing or shocked at the fact there was a mushroom cloud of smoke down the road where the bar used to be.

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