Finnick~The Best Is Yet To Come

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Trapped. How else should I feel in a time like this? I've just won the Hunger Games. I killed for my own survival. And now I'm congratulated for it. For entertaining them. For murdering innocent lives. Gotta love the Hunger Games. 

"How are you handling it?" A voice reaches out to me. 

A look up to see Finnick Odair, my mentor. 

"Why am I surprised that you were the one to find me." I state. 

"Well considering the topic of the party I knew you wouldn't want to remain center of attention. Tucked away in a corner was a good idea." He smiles. 

"Yeah, but apparently not good enough." I nod gesturing to the people that give us odd looks noticing us tucked away. 

"Ehh, they're not relevant anyway." Finnick shrugs. 

I snort at his words.

"I thought that you once told me that it's worth it to win the games. I do believe it was seconds before I had to go into the arena."

"It is worth it. You just have to make it so (Y/n). The best is yet to come. Give life another shot. Don't let those people die in vain. Live your life to the absolute greatest. Take some risks." Finnick preaches.

I reach my hand forward and pull Finnick in for a kiss on the lips. He's obviously shocked by my actions but it doesn't take him very long at all to kiss back and forget where exactly we are. Our lips slowly let go of each other. 

"How's that for a risk?" I ask, both of us are still out of breathe from the kiss. Finnick rests his forehead on mine with his breath hitting my face. 

"It's a good start." He grins childishly. 

"Do you want to get out of here?" I ask. 

Finnick nods and takes me by the hand and we leave the party early. The people of the capital probably have their heads too far up their own asses to realize that we've even left. 

"I know this place right around the corner, they're open really late." Finnick pulls me excitedly in the direction of the destination. 

We walk for a few blocks before I can see our destination. It's an ice cream shop! It looks like there is no one left inside but thankfully they're still open for another hour. We walk in and each get our ice cream. I get two scoops of (Y/FIC) and Finnick gets two scoops of coffee. We take our ice cream outside and sit on a bench under a light to eat it. 

"So Finnick, tell me something that you've never told anyone before." I take a lick of ice cream and focus in on him. 

"Hmm" He thinks for a second, "I'm scared of clowns." He grins. 

I laugh before saying "No, I meant something serious." 

"Clowns are pretty serious (Y/n)." He smirks. 

I roll my eyes but without a doubt have a grin on my face. 

"I have nightmares." He calls out. 

The humor from our conversation is completely gone by now. Finnick has just told me something that he's never told anyone before. He has nightmares. 

"I'm back in the games, I have to do it again. That's the nightmare. I have to back and take more innocent lives than I've already taken. Same dream, every night." 

"Wow Finnick I-"

"No, you don't need to feel bad. It honestly feels good to tell someone." He smiles and looks down at his melting ice cream. 

"Well if you ever need to talk again, I'm here." I smile softly to him. 

"I know." 

The night continues on as it gets darker and colder out, I scoot closer and rest my head on Finnick's shoulder. Finnick leans forward and kisses me on the forehead. 

"The best is yet to come." I smile. 

thank you for reading through! also thank you everyone for waiting so long for an update! junior year is kinda kicking my ass:) anyway, comment and vote if you enjoyed!

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