A Day At The Park - Part 2

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It was a few weeks later, you and Harry had been texting back and forth ever since the night you met. You haven't told Macy about it or anyone really because honestly, you didn't know what was going on between the two of you, so the fewer people who knew the better.

"Does someone want to go to the park today?" You smile down at your daughter, Ella.

She babbles to you nodding. You smile. "I'll take that as a yes."

You get her dressed and grab some snacks throwing them into the diaper bag. The park wasn't too far from your house, so you put Ella into the stroller before walking there. Ella giggles in the stroller and once you get to the park, you get her out. You take her over to the swings, putting her in one of the baby swings.

She babbles excitedly and you smile. You push her a bit before running in front to get a video of her.

"Say hi, baby." you smile.

"Hi. Hi!" She babbles waving. You smile.

"Y/N?" You hear someone say behind you.

You turn around, seeing Harry there, with a little boy about a year or two older than Ella.

"Harry. Hi. What are you doing here?" You smile.

"Oh. I..I'm uh... I'm here with my son, Jackson." He says smiling.

"Well, hi, there Jackson." You smile holding out your hand. "I'm Y/N."

"Hi!" He giggles, blushing. He wraps his arms around Harry's legs, hiding his face. "She pwetty Daddy."

"Thank you." You smile. "You're quite the handsome little guy." You smile to him.

Jackson giggles hiding his face again.

You smile standing up and grabbing Ella out of the swing. "Harry, Jackson, this is my daughter Ella." You smile.

Harry smiles. "I didn't know you had a daughter." He says. "She's adorable."

Ella giggles waving at him.

"I'm uh... sorry that I didn't tell you about her before now.." you say awkwardly.

"Hey. It's okay. I understand." He says.

"Daddy I wan swide!" Jackson whines pulling on Harry's arm.

"Okay. Okay." Harry laughs down at him. "Do you want to join us over at the slides?" Harry smiles.

"Sure." you smile nodding.

"Swide! Swide! Swide!" Jackson giggles running up the side.

"Be careful, bud," Harry says.

"Kay Daddy!" He giggles.

"So, how old is he?" You ask.

"He's almost three," Harry asks. "Ella?"

"She's a little over a year." You smile.

He nods. "Um.. so are you uh... with her father?" He asks nervously.

"No." You say shaking your head. "It uh... didn't work out with us."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Harry says.

"It's okay. It was for the best. He's an ass, so." You shrug.

"Well, that is good that you two aren't together." He nods. "Jackson's mother and I, we're good friends, but we were never in an actual relationship."

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