ch 6

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Aquamarine's pov

He took me to the bathroom and ran a bath.  When it was done he stripped my clothing and stripped his clothing.  He got in and beckoned for me to get in.  I did sitting in between his legs.  He washed my back as I washed my face leaned my back on Happy's chest and he wrapped his arms around me and his thumb rubbed my stomach as he gave me soft neck kisses. 


Happy's pov

We are back in Charming and right now we are in Bakersfield with Remington,  my mom, aunt and her dad. We were getting married.  Jax,  Opie and Piney were here too.  Aqua looked at me with love in her eyes and I smiled as she said I Do. Remington clapped loudly as we slipped the rings on each other's finger.  She cupped my face and kissed me making me wrap my arms around her waist.  We pulled away and smiled.  My aunt and Unser sign the witness paper.  Jax was gonna watch Remington while I took Aqua on the honeymoon. 

"Come on we have to pack." I said and pulled her to the door.  When we got to her house that I moved into before Belfast and packed.  I than took Aqua to Vegas. 

Jax's pov

We found Jimmy the day Aqua and Happy got back and now we are on our way to prison.  It hurt knowing that Happy wouldn't know if Aqua dies or not giving birth to their twins. 

Aqua's pov

I was cuddling up to my daddy as I read the letter from Jax and my husband. 

Dear A, 

I'm not a rat we had to make Stahl believe she ratted me out so she wouldn't think that she and Jimmy we're gonna die.  I want you to know that I'm so glad I got my high school best friend back.  You have no idea how much I've missed you Aqua.  Remington loves you and your the first woman he's let near him since his mom abandoned him.  Your my best friend and my sister and it hurts knowing that I won't know if you live or die giving birth to my nieces or my nephews.  I'll keep an eye on Happy while we are in her.  I love you and the kids,  sis.  Don't be a stranger and visit and write once in a while. 

Love big brother Jaxxy. 

Tears fell down my face as my daddy stroked my hair. I grabbed the letter from my husband and sighed. 

My ol' lady, 

If your reading this than I'm on my way to prison for a year and a few months.  I want you to know I love you and all three of my kids Aqua.  Your my soul and I'm glad you came into my life when you did baby girl.  Every day I come home from a run or from the club house,  there you are waiting for me to get home with dinner and beer.  I'm happy that Remington ran to you that day at the school.  I wouldn't change it for the world.  Your my soul,  my future and the mother of my children.  I love you Aquamarine Lowman

Your ol' man

5 months later. 

I can't believe my pregnancy is going good.  I'm 5 months.  I got 2 more months and I'm gonna meet my children.  I didn't want to know the sex so I didn't find out.  I have been visiting my family I'm so happy that my husband has only 9 months left.  I can't wait to see him and him to meet the children. 

Gemma's POV

I can't wait to meet my grandson and Aquamarine's children.  Aqua woddled into the office of TM with a bright smile. 

"Where's Rem?" I asked and she said playing with Abel.  I smiled and helped her sit down. 

"How are you feeling?" I asked and sat down next to her. 

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