Part 137*

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Shravan: Mother India.

Pushkar: Bhaiya, seriously?! Come on, I know you have issues with Badi Ma but she can't possibly do this! Not to Sumo at least!

Shravan: (gritting his teeth) I don't trust that women!

Pushkar: I understand Bhaiya! But the fact that she would purposely hire Verma to hurt Sumo and you? That's outrageous! And one thing is for sure. She might like Aditya and care about him a lot, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love you! She's your mother Bhaiya!

Shravan: Pushkar you don't understand! Your mom has always loved you more than anything! She has always fought with the world for you! She would even kill for you if she had too! That's how much Chachi loves you!

Pushkar: I know Bhaiya but-----

Shravan: And my Ma? She didn't even fight with Papa for me! All it took was one argument between the both of them and poof! She's gone! You tell me! How do I trust her?!

Pushkar: I don't know what to say Bhaiya. But I still don't think it's Badi Ma.

Shravan: But she is a suspect.

Pushkar: Anyways, let's go back home! We have to tell Bade Papa about all of this too!

With the being said, they left court and headed back home. Shravan was tensed and Pushkar understood exactly why. It was quiet obvious that this whole game plan was Aditya's. But he was getting a lot of help from an outside source. And knowing that Verma truly was the one to came to the Malhotra Mansion to hurt Sumo didn't make things better.

Pushkar: Bhaiya, I have something important to dicuss with you.

Shravan: (driving) What?

Pushkar: Remember before you and Sumo left for your honeymoon? I told you that Sumo's life might be in danger?

Shravan's hands clenched on the steering wheel. How could Shravan ever forget the fact that someone was trying to cause harm to his wife.

Shravan: (gritting his teeth) Yeah. What about that?

Pushkar: Well, if Verma was the one that cut the power, then what if he's the one to set PCT on fire too?

Shravan: (shocked) Wait a minute! You're trying to say that Verma burned PCT down?

Pushkar: I mean I can't say for sure. But all the evidence I have, points to him. The police report clearly showed that the fire wasn't an accident. It was an intentional set up. They even found the bottles of petrol near the building. And so far, Verma is the only one that has shown he hates Sumo. You even told me that you guys had a fight that night when Sumo got the award.

Shravan: You're right! Verma was mad seeing Sumo successful! He even threatened me!

Pushkar: And if not Verma, then who else would do something like that? Aditya was in jail and he couldn't even make any phone calls out of jail.

Shravan: That means Verma is a bigger threat than we think.

Pushlar: You're right!

Shravan: But don't tell Sumo about all of this right now! She doesn't need to know that her life is in danger.

Pushlar: Exactly! She's already worried about the case! And once she finds out the Verma is the opposition lawyer, she's going to be even more worried.

Shravan: So there is no need for her to know about the whole PCT thing. Meanwhile, you inform security about all of this. If Verma entered our house once then he might try to do it again!

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