(9) Broken Angel

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The next day I didn't open the shop and I parked my car a few streets away just in case she saw it and recognised my house or something.

All this was pointless however, seeing as she was a member of parliament so had access to my files and could almost definitely find out where I live.

I sat around all day, drinking one coffee after another, wondering what I could do to not get murdered.

I decided to go to the police station straight away and then at least she probably wouldn't be allowed near me again.

I put the book in my bag and walked to the station as it was quite nearby and the weather was so nice and sunny.

On arriving, I walked up to the desk and spoke to the first police officer.

"Hello Sir, I just wanted to -"

"Oh hello Grace, fancy seeing you here!" Giggled Karen with a small gleam in her eyes. It was a gleam that meant 'if you say anything, you know what's going to happen'. I looked directly at her then quickly sped out of the station. My heart was racing 100beats per second and when I got round the corner, I had to sit down just to regain my breath.

I went back home and paced around my room until I got an idea. Then I picked up the phone and called.

"Hey sweetheart, really miss you so would it be OK if I stayed round?"

"Of course it is." Phillip replied.

About 30minutes later I arrived at Phillip's house/mansion. I stepped out of the car and got my large rucksack out of the boot and then made my way to the front door and pressed the bell.

A minute later, a small bustling woman opened the door. "Oh hello dear." She smiled and let me in.

I liked all the maids that worked in Phillip's place and I always tried to help with the housework etc.

I walked into the kitchen behind Beth, the housemaid and we chatted about different things. I didn't tell anyone the main reason I was here.

After 10 minutes, Phillip came down. He smiled at me when he saw me and gave me a small kiss on the lips.

"Rachel, can you take Grace's bags up to my room please?" He asked politely.

I was nervous because since the whole deal with Henry, I was a bit frightened to be touched but Phillip understood that and was very caring of me.

After an hour or so I said I just wanted to pop out. Phillip said he would come but I explained that it was going to be boring and I wanted to be alone so he stayed at his house.

I briskly made my way over to the police station and went straight to the desk.

"Hello there, I wanted to report a serious crime" I said in a wavering tone. I was nervous because I had never done this before.

The police officer said he would be with me soon.

I sat down on a chair nearby. It was a horrible plastic chair that squeaked when I moved and had one leg shorter than the other.

"Hello Miss, I heard you wanted to report a serious crime?" The man said in a low voice.

I nodded my head.

"Ok come this way."

He motioned for me to follow him and he led me to a small room with white walls and a grey floor. The only piece of decoration in the room was a fake plastic bright green potted plant and a clock.

He offered me a seat which was much more comfy than the other chair and I sunk down into it, feeling slightly more relaxed.

"So what is this crime you want to tell me about?" He asked, taking a seat across from me.

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