The Battle of Horns

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Grazed in meadows and fields of green

Surrounded by mountains and waters serene

A forest so rich it filled every need

This was the home of the great horned steed

Up in the mountains, of more rock than flower

Lived another horned beast of untamed power

The head of a bull, the torso of man

Hooves for feet on which to stand

But ages ago, generations past

Peace in the valley did not last

A feud broke out, a battle grew

The horns they clashed, sparing few

And grew apart these two great races

To share no more equal spaces

Apart they stayed and time did pass

Till two came together in swaying grass

The day was long and the sun was hot

They found the hate hadn't rot

The unicorn stomped, and nodded wildly

The minotaur stood and snorted mildly

The man-bull lowered, poised for attack

Placed hands in front and arched his back

The unicorn glared, scraped hoof to ground

Then silence intense for miles around

Up on hinds, he started to run

The ox man followed, the battle begun

Horns clashed as swords, brutal and fierce

Swift and sure, they found hide to pierce

The duel raged till twilight shone

With no champion declared, hope had grown

Useless they thought, this act of war

For each forgot what they fought for

"Not kings nor land, not money nor wife,

Shouldn't we fight for a better life?"

"Aye, friends we'll be, your kind and mine,

As brethren we'll stay, for all our time."

That is how it came to be known

Hate cast out and new roots grown

That day was seen a truce reborn

And laid to rest the Battle of Horns.

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