dinner with family.

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Isabella's P.O.V

When everyone was sat down I call out "dig in"

For a while we all eat in silence.

I ask "does anyone need anything else?"

Happy responds " ya got beer?"

So I got out of my seat and walked to the cooler and picked up a 10 pack walking over putting one in front of each person.

As I walk past happy I acidently nudge him but he doesn't say anything and I sit in my seat.

Then jax asks " How can you afford this house your just a kid?"

I respond "this was my grandparents house they brought it before they died and did it up to what they thort was my taste and in their will left me both their businesses a new car and bike and all what was left of their money"

"Wow nice" he said

"Yeah but I just wish they were still here they was my only place to escape"

"What do you mean lovie?" Dad asks

"When being with mum got too much or she got a new boyfriend that liked to touch and hit people I'd go to their house in Nottingham and I'd stay there till the bruises were faded or till she told the cops I'd ran away then I had to go back to that hell whole"

"Wow how old are you?" Jax asks

"I'm 16 but I'll be 17 in 3 days"

"Arnt you supossed to be in school then?" He asks

"Finished public school and collage by the age of 14 and I've just sent off the last of my work for my sergical degree and just have to wait for my credentials to come then I've finished uni and while I'm waiting I'm doing my managers and business degree online so I can run my grandma and grandpa's buisnesses"

"How many do they have lovie?" Dad asks

"2 so far but I'm thinking of expanding one of them and adding an extension wing to the other just need to plan it out"

"What businesses are there and what work you thinking about doing on them?"

"I have a tatoo shop but thinking of buying the adjacent shop so one can be tatoos and the other can do piercing and products sales area and my other business in st Thomas hospital I own it and I'm thinking of expanding the children's wing and adding more facilities for family's to stay with premature children and more security for each floor"

They all look at me like I've lost my mind

"How do you know so much about businesses lovie?" Dad asks

"Grandma taught me before she passed and it kinda stuck I guess"

"Nice but are you going to be able to afford what needs to be done?"

"Dad I've already planned it all out and the finances have been set aside by grandma in a separate account and if it needs more I'll just add more from the other business accounts also since I own it that means whoever I put on my list of VIP patients that get handled by me dad you and the others in our family will be free for any injuries and opperations"

"Wow lovie thankyou" he says and we finish off our meal in silence

Most of the guys said thanks and left the only people left in my house were dad and happy

"Lovie thank you for dinner it was really nice"

"Your welcome dad"

"Do you have plans yet for tomorrow?"

"Not yet was going to relax"

"Well your aunt gemma is having a fund raiser and as family we all go to support her would you like to come too?"

"Sure dad is their anything in particular I need to bring or cook?"

"Just yourself lovie"

"Okay what time are you going?"

"About 12ish"

Do you want to go together I can come to where you work if u Like?"

"Sure lovie come around 11 and we can leave with the guys"

"Okay dad I'll see you in the morning"

"Cya lovie"


I watched as both he and happy drove away

I walked back into the house and locked the door then walked to my room stripped down so I was just in my panties and got into bed setting my alarm for 9am.

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