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Y/n's POV

My alarm went off making Scooby jump slightly awaking him form his sleep like usual.

I get my phone and turn it off, Scooby goes back to sleep and I stand up carefully not wanting him to wake up again.

I walk into my closet to see what I can wear today, I go and check how the weather is going to be like today.

We'll would you look at the that, 92 degrees.

That's new for Derry, it's always cold and rainy and when it's not it's sunny but not that hot.

Because it's going to be very hot today I picked out this outfit.

I walk over to my bathroom and get the water started, I take a quick shower and brushed my teeth and hair

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I walk over to my bathroom and get the water started, I take a quick shower and brushed my teeth and hair.

Did my little makeup routine foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and my favorite clear lipgloss.

I put some deodorant and perfume walking over to my window and opening the curtains and the window to let the fresh air in, ahhh, it is pretty hot out.

I love sunny whether, I like the sun being out and shining, I'm used to it because I'm from California basically summer all year.

My phone fully charged I unplug it and get my stuff ready for school and fix my bed.

I walk downstairs with my stuff not wanting to go and get them later and leave them by the door.

I go into the kitchen seeing that my dad's not there again I just take a muffin and give Scooby some food and water.

What time is it?

I look at the time on my phone and it was 7:30, I don't start school till 9 today because its late day.

You know what, I'm going to take Scooby out for a walk.

I grab my phone and house keys since I'm coming back and grab Scooby's leash.

I attached the leash to his collar and he immediately wagged his tail and licked my face, he was happy to go out, he loves when I take him for a walk.

I rarely do that now and that's bad. I feel bad, my baby boy.

I lead him to the front and open the door for him, I close the door behind us and start to walk around.

We walk and I noticed Eddies house was around the block. I go to see if he's out and when I got there him and Richie were in his front yard with their bikes.

Richie notices and walks over to me.

"Is that your dog?" He asks coming over to pet Scooby.

"Yeah." I respond, Scooby being the good boy he is he licks Richies face and plays around with him, he's such a good dog.

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