Tip: Thirteen

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Tip: Thirteen. How a good profile.
Have a good photo of you. Make it interesting and cool. If you don't want to add a photo of yourself because you think you don't look good, then you can use another picture of an "attractive" person. However, don't use a profile picture of a famous celebrity. Don't have Justin Bieber, One Direction, Beyonce or Lady Gaga just because you like them. Also, people will know it's not you and think your not being original.
Also, have a cool username. You don't have to use your name if you want. For example, if your name is George don't make your username to be: George77240. It doesn't sound to cool or interesting. And lastly, have a cool bio. Put interesting facts about you. You can put your favorite books, authors, movies, TV shows, music and hobbies. If people have mutual things with you, there's a bigger percentage for them to follow you or read your work.

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