Bridge Chapter 1

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Suman's POV.

Two days after Shravan's departure for London.

I smiled back as he gave me his mischievous grin while extending his hand towards me. Placing my right hand on it I let him pull me closer to him, my smaller hand totally wrapped in his larger ones.

"Sumo-" he said softly before I felt a tight grip on my shoulders while my whole body shook up rattling me up completely.

I frowned slightly as the warm feeling I was getting swayed a bit and then continued to smile again.

Once again I felt myself be shaken and this time Pushkar's face came into view.

Promptly I closed my eyes back and willed my mind to see what it had been till few moments back.

"Sumo. Sumo Sumo Sumo SUMO!"

I almost growled out as my last hope of seeing what I wanted to dissolved in the shaking and prodding.

"STOP shaking me Pushy! I am awake!"

"No you are not till you open your eyes and sit up."

"Shut up! Go away." I mumbled snuggling deeper into my warm cosy blanket.

"I have an early morning crucial meeting Sumo." He whined.

"So go then. Get lost!" I muttered irritated as this banter was diluting the sweet sensation of morning sleep and my dream of Shravan.

"Feed me."

"Go drown yourself." I said covering my face with the blanket.

I groaned as I felt myself be shaken again persistently.


"Don't call me that!"

"Go away."

"I am at your mercy for food and you know it. don't be so mean to a poor battered helpless soul."

"Poor battered helpless-" I spluttered from under the blanket. All this melodrama because his family had gone away for two days to visit a temple in the neighbouring state to pray for a smooth pregnancy for Vandy bhabhi.

Since it was a visit to temple my family, other than me Preeti and Anuj bhaiya, had also accompanied them.

I was in charge of feeding this monster with bottom less tummy till his family returned.

" I am craving some nice pancakes." Came the food monster's voice.

"Pancakes??" I said peeping out from under the blanket.

His head bobbed up and down "You have not made them since returning from London."


Once again just that one word and I felt a series of happenings pass in front of my eyes.

Trying to ignore the pinch in my heart I stared in front.

I miss London.

I miss how I was free to do anything that my heart desired.

I miss Shravan.

It's been only two days since he left and in these two days he has been on phone or video chatting with me for more hours than the fingers on my two hands.

We have been messaging each other almost all the time- even in the middle of nights.

This is just the beginning of this separation phase of our life together and I am already ready to give all up to be with him.

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