Waterballoon fights and Truth or Dare

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~lexi pov~
Alyssa jumped off the couch and ran to the door, we all ran behind her. There standing in the doorway were Priscilla, Faith, and Jack.
"Come on in, make yourselves at home, there is food in the fridge and I personally enjoy the jello." Carson told them all, like it was his house. I gave him a death glare before turning to face all of them.
" welcome, go ahead and put your stuff where the rest of the bags are. Also get in your swimsuits!" I smiled at all of them. They put their stuff down and I showed them to the guest bedrooms. Carson and Alyssa went running to the pool like little 5 year olds. The rest of us stood there shaking are heads.
" Their meant to be." Said Sean.
"I ship it." Andrew smiled.
"Calyssa 4 life!" Samantha shouted. We all laughed at her, and Faith, Jack and Priscilla got done getting changed.
"Pool time!" Faith yelled screaming. Everyone followed her to the pool, leaving just me and jack behind. He turned to me and smiled.
"You know now I believe love at first sight is true." He beamed at me, making me blush. He winked and ran out to the pool. Oh my lord what is this boy doing to me. I stood there shocked, before making myself a mango-banana smoothie. I walked out with a tall glass and laid on one of the pool chairs sipping it. Everyone else was playing in the pool.
" COME ON LEXI!!!" Carson whined.
"Come and swim with us!" Alyssa whined as well. I swear it's like I'm their mother.
"No little children let me finish my smoothie first okay?" I smirked at them trying my best not to laugh. I think Alyssa caught on because she smirked too.
"Well if me and Carson are children then you and Jack are our parents." She smirked again evilly. I blushed a tomato red. Carson jumped on jacks back, " Hiii dad!!!" He screamed. Jack laughed hard and shoved him off, causing everyone to laugh at them.
" Hey that means I'm Lexi's sister in law and Alyssa and Carson are my little nieces!" She laughed. I rolled my eyes. Carson was laughing, and didn't realize she basically just called him a little girl which made us all laugh harder. He stopped laughing thinking about what she just said. "Hey!!! I am a man!" He yelled and splashed her with water.
"Ohhhhh sooo manly?!!" Faith exclaimed. Everyone laughed while Carson pouted in the corner of the pool.
"Anyway back to our parents." Alyssa smirked for like the 5th time today it felt like.
" guys we literally just met." I huffed at them.
" You didn't deny it." Samantha said wiggling her eyebrows.
"I ship it!" Priscilla shouted putting her hand in the air.
"Lack???" Alyssa asked.
" No that's a horrible one." Faith exclaimed.
" Jexi!!!!" Samantha yelled.
"Omg yesssss!" Priscilla and Alyssa shouted. I rolled my eyes again. Are they seriously doing this??CJ started to get really annoyed.
"How about we stop talking to this and actually have fun." He said with a straight face.
"Jeez what crawled up your butt and died?" Carson asked him. He glared at Carson. What is up with him? Self reminder, figure that out tonight.
"Well let's play with the water balloons? I'm sure Landon and Jonah won't mind." I offered. Everyone agreed while I went in the garage and grabbed them. We split up into two teams. Me, ,Samantha,Priscilla Alyssa, and Faith. Against Sean, Carson, Andrew, Jack, and CJ.
"Okay rules are you can only be out by A. Hitting someone with a water balloon, B. Pushing someone in the pool. On your MARK...SET....GO!!!!
Us girls ran with our buckets and hid. We have an advantage since me and Alyssa know our way around this place by heart. I took the girls back in the forest, and we climbed and hid in the tallest trees. It was a real struggle to get the buckets up, I have no idea how we did that though sooo....Anyway this is one of Mine and Alyssa's secret hiding spots. We heard arguing so we knew that was them.
"Guys I think their over there!" Andrew said pointing to the shed.
"No stupid that's way to easy." Sean whisper yelled at them.
"I think their farther in the forest." Jack said.
" no,wow your really that stupid." CJ glared at him.
"Look I don't know what's your deal man but if I were you I would watch yourself." Jack growled at CJ.
He was then cut off by Carson telling them to shut it. They were right under our hiding tree.
" on a count of three, 1.....2....3...." I whispered to all the girls. We all threw the water balloons at them. We laughed as the boys ran around frantically yelling at each other.
" Dude where's our balloons?" Andrew yelled at Carson.
" Uh-oh" Carson shouted. We dumped our entire bucket on them, getting their entire team!!!
"WHO RULES THE WORLD?" Alyssa screamed.
"Girls!" We cheered.
"WHO RULES THE WORLD?" She shouted again.
"GIRLS!!!" We yelled louder. We kept chanting this as we jumped down the trees. All the boys looked mad, like very mad as we cheered and danced around them.
"Alright, Alright. Pay up." Samantha looked at them with a sly smile.
" Oh okay.." Carson pouted.
"All of the boys will give you all your money when we get changed." Andrew explained to us. We all ran inside and got dressed. The boys gave us our betting money, which was 10 bucks each, they are terribly gamblers. It was around 6:30 and we decided to order pizza and play truth or dare. We gathered around in a circle and Carson started us off.
"Samantha truth or dare?" He asked her. She looked at him with a blank expression.
" I ain't no wimp dare." She replied. He gave you a sly smile before saying.
" I dare you to fake break up with Daniel." Samantha's eyes went wide.
                   ~Samantha's pov~
I can't do this to Daniel, I love him and I know he will flip out and breakdown.
So I secretly texted him while I was "Looking through my contacts."
                     Daniel BAE❤️😍🔥💍

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