Tip: three

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Tip: three is the most important rule: make your story interesting. By that I mean, not having too many spelling and grammar errors. Many times some stories don't get votes because of the solid reason of spelling or punctuation errors. If your a bad speller, find someone who can help you correct your errors. Maybe a teacher, a friend, or your parents. If you don't want to share your story with someone, then write in a word document and it'll tell you the words that are written incorrect. And there's plenty of websites that teach you how to teach you commas rules and the use of literacy terms.
However, not just good spelling will make your story good. You have to write like a writer. Try to use interesting, bold words. If you want to to change a word but you don't know what word to change to, then use a thesaurus. For every chapter have a good entry and a good ending. Don't forget to indent and don't forget to have paragraphs. You don't want to have have one long, forever-lasting paragraph.
Also, don't forget to use good language. You don't want to write all the cuss words you can think of in one sentence. Yes, you can use a little cuss words but don't over use them. Also, you don't want to make your story to be a rated G story if your planning to attract young adult readers. Be sure the story plot, and genre go with the vocabulary and the language you use.

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