Tip: One

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In order to become Wattpad famous, a writer must follow and use certain ways to attract readers. Here are my tips that can help you obtain more votes, more comments, more reads, and more followers.

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First tip: plan your story. Don't just start writing chapter one and think your going to write the next Harry Potter series. Write down all the ideas. Planning can take a long time. The process of planning can be very steady, but don't worry. After your done planning, and you have the beginning, the climax, and the end of your book you'll be satisfied you have your story organized. Without planning you'll scramble up and end with something you weren't expecting. For me, when I started writing the first chapter for Survival I loved the idea. But when I was done writing chapter one I didn't know what to do with the protagonist of the story. Why? Because I didn't plan. Without planning, you'll end wanting to change something, meaning you'll have go back and change many parts of the your story. Planning might sound boring, but it's amazing what your mind can write down within a moment. You never know what you'll end up with once you start writing.

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