29| you deserve the world

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JUNGKOOK woke up to Taehyung staring down at him, eye brows raised and a knowing smirk on his lips. He blinked tiredly before registering the weight on his stomach. He looked down to find a arm wrapped around his waist, frowning, he let his gaze trail up until he found Jimin, who's head was resting on his chest.

He found himself smiling softly.

"How cute," Taehyung whispered teasingly, snapping a picture of the two on his phone, "When are you getting married?"

"Shut the fuck up." Jungkook scowled, looking down at Jimin again. He felt the smile tugging on his lips again. The elder looked absolutely adorable. Jungkook couldn't help but note the way Jimin's eyelashes fanned gently over his cheek and how his pillowy lips seemed to be in the perfect pout.

"God, stop eye raping him."

"I'm not!"

Taehyung rolled his eyes and let out a scoff as he turned towards the small kitchenette area of the dorm, "You are. I can tell. God, you're so in love."

"Shut up, you're the one in love with him, not me." Jungkook retorted, trying to gently shift so he could get up without waking Jimin.

He saw Taehyung shrug out of the corner of his eye, taking a bite of a candy apple. Jungkook carefully stood and walked over to him, leaving a sleeping Jimin curled up next to a pillow to replace him. Pulling open the fridge, he grabbed a gatorade bottle filled with kool-aid and said, "Why do you make remarks towards Jimin and I's relationship if you like him?"

Taehyung shrugged again, "I don't know."

Jungkook sighed, twisting open the bottle, "You could tell him, you know."

"Nah," Taehyung took another bite of his apple.

"Why not?"

"It's not the right time."

Jungkook gaped at him, "How's it not the right time? You two are always together,"

"It's just not." Taehyung said, tone calm but laced with a bit of bitterness, "Besides, he's getting closer to the one he likes. He might actually have a shot now, especially because his crush is starting to become less of an oblivious idiot. I'd rather he be happy with someone he truely loves than stuck with me."

"You're just going to friend zone yourself?" Jungkook frowned.

"Mhm," Taehyung took the final bite of his apple, "Because I'm his best friend and it's my job to make sure he's the happiest human being on this planet."

Jungkook shook his head and laughed breathily, "Kim Taehyung, you deserve the world."

this is short, sorry, but i've been busy and had a bit of writers block. hopefully this will pick up again for me

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