Late for class - Chris Motionless

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I walk through the door of my boyfriend's house which is mine too since I live with him, I'm 18 and in my last year of high school, he's 25.

We have a great relationship, it's a DDLB one, but we love it. I'm a trouble maker in school which means I have to convince the school not to call Chris, my boyfriend; my Daddy.

He usually picks me up but today he couldn't because his band needed him for something so he said he'd meet me at home.

I close the door behind me and hang my black messenger bag filled with my school books on the coat hangers on the wall by the door when I turn to walk down the small hallway to the living room, I freeze seeing My Daddy standing there.

His arms are crossed, his hazel eyes hard in a stern glare, only in some black pants and a black craft cult shirt on his slim lanky but still muscular figure, his black eye makeup still on, his inky black hair down to his neck, his eyebrows drawn on perfectly and his platform boots on.

Uh-oh. He doesn't look happy, I bet the school called him.


"H-hi, Daddy" I stutter, knowing I'll be punished if the school called.

"Come here, Baby." He orders firmly, I'm definitely getting punished. I bite my lip nervousness as I walk to him, keeping my Blue eyes on his chest, not having the balls to actually look at him. Feeling small and like I'll slip into Little space at any time.

He stares down at me since I'm short and only goes to his chest, "Guess who called me today? And if you say something smart ass I'll punish you right now in this hallway." His voice is hard and strict. I pull my hoodie sleeves down over my hands, something I do when I'm nervous and/or intimidated.

"The School, Daddy?" I ask, knowing the answer, not liking the consequence. I didn't do anything very bad today, I was just late to three classes.

He lifts my head up to look at him by putting his finger under my chin, his eyes never change from their stern glare.

"That's right, I didn't like hearing that my Baby boy was late to three classes.." He states moving his hand from my chin to move my long black hair from my pale face, he's trying to trick me, get me to think he'll not punish me yet make me still on edge about it. It's working.

"I didn't mean to, I wa-" I try to defend myself with a lie to avoid whatever he has planned but he cuts me off.

"You were late for half the class, you barely got any time to get caught up on what the class learned. I don't believe you didn't mean to so don't lie to me and make your punishment worse."

I quietly gulp, I should've known he would see through that.

He stares at me for another second before turning and walking into the living room, he sits on the black couch in that's against the left wall facing the large TV, he raises an eyebrow at me silently asking why I didn't follow him.

I walk to him slowly, wanting to stall my punishment by a few seconds or minutes but just when I'm within arms distance, he grabs my wrist and pulls me to him.

"Lay down, be a good boy and take your punishment." I hesitantly lay over his lap, he pulls my huge hoodie up and pulls my black shorts down along with my black underwear.

He gently rubs the pale skin of my ass, just to add to the anticipation of what's going to happen, and suddenly I don't feel his hand for a second before a sting and the sound of a clap makes me gasp and flinch.

"That was for being late to one class." He states as I tightly close my eyes and bite my lip.

He slaps me again but a little harder getting a whimper from me, "Late to another class." He continues telling me what the spanks are for even though he knows I know.

He does it again harder than the first two, I whimper again a bit louder, "Late a third time." He slaps me again with the same force but says nothing as I whimper and hold a quiet cry.

He strikes again, harder then the others, my ass is surely red with a handprint on it. "And that's for wearing this." He finishes, pulling up my underwear and shorts up then lifting me up.

He sits me down on lap so I'm straddling him as he rubs my ass trying to get the irritated skin to settle through my shorts. I open my eyes seeing him without his glare, his hazel eyes now soft and have concern and care in them.

"You okay, Baby?" He asks using his other hand to gently caress my cheek, bringing my head down to his neck than move it to my back, rubbing up and down to comfort me.

I wrap my arms around his waist, "It hurts, Daddy." I complain, he just lightly chuckles kissing my head.

"I'm sorry, but you need to learn. You need to go to class no matter how boring or stupid it is." He tells me, I giggle a little, all my classes are stupid and boring.

But I couldn't imagine what he would do if I purposely skipped all my classes without his permission.

"Mind to tell me what you were you doing to be that late for three classes?" He asks lifting me up to see me, his pierced lips are in a slight frown and have an eyebrow raised.

"Sam convinced me into watching the football players and cheerleaders practice, we stayed until we realized the class is a thing that needs to happen." I explain to him, leaving out the part where we threw rocks and played golf with a big stick, successfully hitting the cheerleaders and football team.

He cracks a small smile, "Did something else happen besides supporting stupid jocks and plastic girls?" He pushes, his hand on my back stopping at my lower back and his hand on my ass pausing it's rubbing also but staying in place.

I can't help the small smile that creeps on my face, "Maybe.." I answer looking down at his chest.

He chuckles, "What did you two do?" He asks, leaning back in the couch, pulling me closer causing me to rub against his groin, his breath hitches for a second.

"We threw rocks and played rock golf, hitting them. Sorry, Daddy." I tell him, watching his widen as he laughs, I love his laugh, it always makes me and smile and laugh with him.

He pulls me down to him by my neck and kisses me, "It's okay, Baby. You had fun while making hell for others, I'm proud" he says wrapping his arms fully around me making sure I'm pressed against him.

I'm surprised he isn't mad that I threw rocks at people in a higher class of the social latter then me but I'm happy I'm not getting punished again.

I put my head in the crook of his neck, kissing his neck once then closing my eyes, suddenly becoming tired from the week and yawning.

After a few minutes, he lays down on his back, arms still around me and me still straddling him with my arms on his sides so he doesn't crush my hands.

"You're tired, get some sleep. I love you, Little One." He whispers in my ear, kissing my head afterward and tightening his grip on me.

"Love you too, Daddy." I tell him, through my voice is muffled by his neck.

Another few minutes and I'm drifting off to sleep to his chest moving up and down and his breath fanning me, I love him, he's the best boyfriend I could ever have. I never want to let him go.

Sorry, to repost these, they were fucked up and it bothered me.

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