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When Bella first saw her sister in the morning, she was worried

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When Bella first saw her sister in the morning, she was worried. Amelia's hair seemed more messy than usual. She didn't wear a flower crown and didn't wear a dress. While normally she had badly done makeup on, today she had none.

She looked like a small helpless child.

As Amelia had slept in and had Bella running late, she walked right past Bella and got into the truck, awaiting her sister. When Bella did get it she quickly started the car and backed out.

"Amelia, what's wrong?"

Amelia stared down at her hands, the paintings on them were fading and she would have to redo them soon. "Bad dream."

Bella frowned. With Amelia a bad dream could mean one of three things:

1) she had a nightmare
2) she saw something bad happening in the future
Or 3) something bad happened in a dream world.

"Would you like to talk about it?"

Amelia bit her lip before nodding, she never met Bella's eyes and instead crossed her arms and played them on the open window of the truck. Her eyes danced along the trees and when she spoke, it wasn't like she was talking to Bella but rather the trees.

"Felix wasn't feeling too good. He had eaten some bad berries and started getting feverish and wouldn't eat. Peter-"

"Pan?" Bella cut in, asking for clarification.

"Of course, Bells, what other Peter do I know?" Amelia asked, as if the question was the most ridiculous thing she had heard in awhile. "Anyways, Peter tried his best but, Felix isn't getting better."


"I'm worried."



Throughout her day many students noted the muted presence that was Amelia Swan, especially the Cullen's.

"Are her thoughts any different?" Alice asked her 'brother' Edward.

Edward shrugged, "I wouldn't know. I haven't read them, seem like they would be very..."

"Odd?" Alice supplied.

"Vacant. She doesn't seem to have much going on."

A low growl came from behind Edward "Hello to you too, Jasper."

"She happens to be rather smart, just not in the academics perhaps. She knows a lot more than she lets on."

"How so?" Alice asked.

"Well in music class the other day, Aurora Lindon said how hungry she was and Amelia gave her her sandwich."

"And your point?"

"Aurora tried refusing it because she thought it was peanut butter, but Amelia said she made sure not to make it with peanut butter that day because we had music before lunch and two people had an allergy to it. In case one of the two got hungry she wanted to make sure they would be okay."

Edward frowned. "I'm sure whatever is bothering her isn't that important."

Jasper frowned, "Trust me, I can sense that she is deeply troubled, please check it out?"

Edward let out a sigh and nodded, "Fine, I'll see what's going on in her head."

A/N man I apologize greatly for basically abandoning this and my other twilight stories. I got a big case of writers block. Anyways I promise the dream thing is more important later on. It may seem pointless now but it'll make a lot more sense later on.

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