Chapter 9

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We go back to my house before dinner. I made us reservations for six-thirty. I’m sure Camila will be starving by the time we get there. At the house I show her to a guest bathroom she can use to get cleaned up and change. She’s crazy horny and as much as it kills me, I actually turn her down otherwise we won’t make it to dinner.

When I get downstairs I’m wearing a black shirt. I go with leaving the top three buttons undone. I find Camila in the kitchen eating a bagel. She looks beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

“Sorry,” she says with her mouth full. “Sally got hungry.”

“No, it’s fine. I should’ve made sure you ate earlier. Sorry about that,” I smile. “You look… perfect.” She’s in a long, slinky black dress with her hair falling down around her shoulders.

“It’s okay,” she says and picks up the skirt of her dress some to show me the shoes she’s wearing. Minx.

“Mmm, I’ll be fucking you with nothing but those shoes on later,” I purr and move around the island. I rest my hand on the small of her back, rubbing my fingertips over her exposed skin.

“I’m counting on it,” she says and rubs her ass against me. “I wanted to wear this dress one more time before I’m too big for anything but yoga pants and my dad’s old shirts.”

“It’s sexy as hell, but then so is your ass in yoga pants,” I chuckle. She’s pretty much gorgeous in anything. She should know she’s never had a problem getting me hard.

“Hopefully I don’t end up with anything orbiting around it,” she snickers.

I give her a light smack on her ass and say, “It’s going to make me hard no matter what.”

Camila smiles at me and pops the last bite of her bagel in her mouth. “Okay, we’ve fed Sally. Now it’s Mama’s turn,” she smirks.

“We’ll never make it to dinner if you need to swallow–” I’m cut off when Camila smacks my arm. “I’m teasing. Come on.”

She shakes her head at me and turns to head for the door. “I can feel your eyes on my ass, Jauregui.”

“Yep, and you’ll be feeling my hands on it later, Cabello,” I chuckle as I follow her to the door.

“That better not be all I feel there later,” she winks over her shoulder as she steps outside.

I walk out behind her and lock the door. We make our way to my Audi and I open her door for her. The drive to the restaurant is a short one. I wanted to stay close to home and I’ve been to it for business meetings. When I get on the road I look over at her. The sun is still up and the light shining on her face makes her look like an angel.

“So where are we going for dinner?” Camila asks me.

“Vincinzo’s. Have you been?”

“I have,” she smiles. “I swear the chicken masala makes me have a tiny orgasm.”

“Uh huh. I’ve never had anything bad there.”

“Have you had the fried arancini?” Camila moans and licks her lips.

“Yeah, and if it gives you that reaction we may not make it through dinner. I may need to take you home and spend some time with my dick buried in your ass,” I say. Jesus. this woman’s libido is rubbing off on me. “Holy shit, I have sympathy horniness.”

“Mmm… keep talking like that and we won’t even make it to the restaurant.”

“So I shouldn’t tell you that I want to bend you over the couch, grab your tits and drive into you over and over?” I ask innocently. It didn’t take long to figure out her nipples are her hot buttons.

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