I was his Maid (Intro)

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Heres the short intro. Please comment below and tell me what you think!


"Oh Kelsie one more thing.. Could you please tidy up my makeup counter!" Pattie asked. "Yes ma'am" I gave her a heart warming smile And headed up the stairs, my heels clicking every time i took a step.

I entered her spotless room and walked over to the long white vanity where her makeup and perfumes were scattered..

Her famous son has a red-carpet appearance tonight so she was all fancy. I put all the makeup back into the kit and placed it neatly on the corner along with her perfume.

"Pattie your makeup is re- organized and ill be sure to be out of the house by 11 tonight just when he arrives" I smile at her short figure. "oh honey you no if it was up to me i would let you stay the night so you don't have to drive home late.. But you know Justin's manager doesn't want any distractions' she says.

I mentally roll my eyes. "Trust me.. I wouldn't be a distraction" I mumble and walk up stairs to my guest room.. This is where i stayed when Justin wasn't home and he was on tour or something. I love Pattie.. she was just like my mother because my mother the famous Melissa Blair is shooting a movie so i prefer not to stay home all the time by myself.

People are confused as to why i clean her house even though I'm partly famous for my dancing and my mother is famous. I dont really consider my self a maid even though thats what people call me. Yes Pattie pays me to clean up around her house. I like to make my own money, I dont want to live off my mothers fame.

 I had to be out of the house when Justin came home because his  manager didnt want me to be here when he was on break because I'm a girl and i would apparently be a distraction.. But it didn't matter to me.. Hes a stuck up pop star.. and me not having to work as a maid this week meant time to focus on my dancing.. the thing i loved the most.