"WAKE UP FREAK!" Sara yelled slamming the door open.

 I sighed. 'Another day of torture' I thought.  My sister stomped off back into her room. I rolled out of bed. I walked to my bathroom and did my morning routine. I walked back into my room. Throwing on the first thing I saw in my closet -a pair of black skinny jeans, red sweater, and white, black, and red jordans- I ran out my room. I went in the kitchen to kiss my mother goodbye. I ran out the house and started heading to the school. The school is about three blocks from our house. My sister walks far away from me. I keep my head down the whole time. At school my sister went off to her crowd and I went to the back of the school by the court yard. That is where Alyssa and I always hang out.

Alyssa wasn't there when I got there. So I stood on a short brown bench dedicated to the school's owner that died, and waited for her. I went on my iPod and put on some Nicki Minaj 'Right by my Side'. I was singing Chris Brown's part when Alyssa popped up behind me and jumped on my back.

"Singing my dad huh?" She gave me a hug "You are good. Better than him."

"I mean I try." I flipped my hair jokingly

We laughed. Alyssa pulled out a peice of paper. It was her schedule. I looked at it. I smiled. "You changed your classes to mine!"

"Yup. I have to protect you."

"I mean I guess," I said sitting down.

"What are two retards doing?" said Beauty from the OMG Girlz

Alyssa rolled her eyes. She began to talk back about how if we were retards we would be as dumb as her. I put my hand over her mouth. I shook my head at Beauty. She did an evil laugh "Yeah that's what I thought! Now go to somewhere else." She slapped me across my face "I don't want to see your hideousness."

Alyssa opened her mouth to talk. But before she said anything I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the fourth building where our lockers are. I let go of her arm. She starred at me for a minute. She looked angry at me. "Why would you do that!" She said harshly "This is why you get beat up."

I didn't reply. I had nothing to say to that. She was right. She used to get beat up in freshman year like me, then she started to fight back after that they left her alone. But I'm not like her. I'm a timid person. She shook her head shamefully at me. I rolled my eyes and continued walking.

We walked around the building looking for our lockers. We finally found them before the warning bell rang. We opened our lockers at the same time. We threw anything unnesscessary in them and closed them. We began walking to where our homeroom was. It was my favorite class, Chorus. I opened the door for us both. Alyssa walked in. I followed in after her. The people that everyone knew in the school were Sara, Diggy, Jacob Latimore, Ray Ray and the hottest boy in school Princeton but he was Beauty's boyfriend so I never tried talking to him. I looked down to the floor. I went over to the corner where everyone wasn't at. Alyssa went to tell Mr. Miller something. I stood by myself. I saw Diggy pointing at me and laughing to Princeton and Jacob. Princeton shook his head while Jacob laughed with him. A tear fell down my face. I wiped it away and looked away. 

When class had begin Mr. Miller told every boy to pick a girl to be their warm-up partner for the day. Diggy of course picked Sara and Ray Ray picked Alyssa because they are the class clowns. Everyone had a partner but me. I went up and told him. He looked around the class. He smiled and pointed to Princeton. He called him over to him. He ran over with his beautiful black curls bouncing around.

"Yes Mr. Miller?" He said calmly flashing his beautiful smile

"I want you to be Anjel's partner." Mr. Miller smiled

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