Chapter 1

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It was a winter night in Seoul; the snows were floating on the air.
Baekhyun's leaning back in his seat, closing his eyes. He's tired and wants to get some sleep. He opened his eyes and watched his friends sleeping soundly. He giggled watching Sehun sleeping with his mouth open. They were all exhausted just like him. It was another tiring day for them, the whole day shooting and practicing. No matter how much they tired, they enjoyed being idols. EXO is their soul and it makes them happy. Tiredness meant nothing to them when they see the face of their fans cheering for them.
Baekhyun sighed heavily. Unusually, the way seems a bit longer to him. He wanted to get home as soon as possible and want to throw his body to the bed.
Seconds later, the car halted in front of their dorm.
"Hey, wake up, wake up," Baekhyun's the only one who's still awake, he had to shake their shoulders to wake them up. They groaned loudly and get up. Baekhyun already hurried inside; soon, they followed him. They slumped down onto the couch once they get inside.
"Hey, go into your room guys," suho said while hitting them with a pillow. They didn't make a budge.
"Don't forget to wake up early, "he reminded while heading himself upstairs and towards his room.
"Ugh, I'm so tired to move. I'm going to sleep here," sehun said, hugging the pillow over his chest.
"Good night guys, I'm going to get some sleep... See you tomorrow then," Baekhyun stood up from the couch. "Go into your room sehun, you'll catch a cold if you sleep here," Baekhyun said, tapping his hair.
"Yeah, yeah," Baekhyun smiled at his reply.
"Don't forget to turn the light off," he reminded and hastened to his room.

Upon reaching his room, a cool breeze caressed his body, making him flinch. He slammed the door behind him.

"Why it's so cold here? " He said to himself as he moved towards the switchboard to turn on the lights. He noticed the door of his balcony was open.
"I'm sure I locked it," he mumbled as he makes his way towards the balcony. The curtains blowing as the strange wind waved towards him. His heart began to beat. He didn't know why. He felt someone's presence in his room and thinks it was hiding behind the curtains. He'd read many ghost stories, but he doesn't believe they exist. What if it's one of his fans? Yes, it can be. He has plenty of crazy fans following him. He strolled towards the door. His breath quickened.

"Who's there? " He asked as he saw a shadow behind the curtains. "Who is it?," He repeated when he didn't get any response. The figure moved a little from the other side, He pulled the curtains open. He gasped out loud seeing the figure in front of him. There a girl standing, not a normal girl, a beautiful girl he'd never seen in his life. She has a long black hair hanging on both her shoulders. Her eyes had a strange color; a mix of yellow and green. She wears a white gown, perfectly fitted to her pale beautiful curve. Her smile is bright and charm is written all over her face.

"Who are you?," He managed to ask after a long pause.
"Can you see me? " She beamed at him; her eyes sparkled with amazement.
"What?," He mocked a laugh. She seems to be unaffected about his mock. "Of course I can. As you can see, I'm not blind"
"You really can see me," she mumbled.
"Who are you by the way? " He asked, raising his voice a little at this time.
"Can I touch you? " She asked, stepping closer to him. His eyes widened and he stepped back.
"Seriously, what are you? Are you a stalker? " He asked a little annoyed. "Do you think I'll let a stranger girl touch me? You're unbelievable"

"Yah, I'll tell you nicely, go back to your home before I call others," The girl didn't move. She's watching him in wonder. Her smile never faded from her beautiful face. "Why are you staring at me like this? Go back to your home," he turned and strode over to the main door. The girl was still looking at him as if she's admiring his beauty. She does not seem to respond to his questions. "Don't your parents looking for you?, " He asked as he grabbed the doorknob and gave it a turn. The latch slid out and the door opened. "You don't have to climb down from there. I'll let you go through the front door," he said and motioned her to come over. Baekhyun's standing next to the door, waiting for her to move. She did not make a move. She remained on the spot where she's standing all this time. He sighed. "I knew how much you guys adore us and I really appreciate it though. However, isn't it too much? I can't believe you came all the way here just to-". He couldn't finish his words. The girl in front of him jumped into the air and flew over him. His eyes widened and his mouth agape with an utter shock. He slumped back, his back hit the cold wall. He could still see her amused smile. She grabbed his cheeks with her small soft hands.

"Wha...what are you doing? " He shuddered. His pulse quickened and a long lump formed in his throat.
"You are so beautiful," Her voice was soft. She stared intensely into his dazzling eyes. "I could stare at you like this forever," she said while leaning into his face. Her whispery words brushed on his cheeks. He felt an odd sense of pleasure. He could feel her warm breath against his cheeks. She closed her eyes and pressed her soft lips against his. The world stopped the moment her lips met his. The clock point stays still, the wind stopped waving.

"I guess we'll meet again," she whispered into his ear before vanishing into the air.

Eight hours ago- somewhere in the angel world____

"Hurry up Clara... We will be late," Mira shouted from a distant.
"This is so heavy," Clara retorted. She's holding a big flower vase; it was heavy for her small hands to carry. She's struggling herself to fly while carrying it.
"Let me help you," Mira said while flying back towards Clara.
"Are you sure the queen will allow us to visit the earth? " Clara asked as Mira holds the other side of the base.
"Of course, she promised us. She's not the kind of person who breaks the promise," Mira said. "But only if we finish this," she reminded.
"Let's do it quickly... I am so excited to get into the earth," Clara beamed a smile while fastening her move.

They reached what appears to be like a white castle.
"Your Highness," Clara and Mira bowed their heads while stepping inside the castle. The king and queen sat upon a big chamber. They motioned Clara and Mira to move closer. They did as told.
"We've done almost everything, your highness... you may come with us and take a look at it," Clara said politely.
"I'd like to do so," the queen said, smiling.

Queen went along with them where they arranged everything the queen had asked.
"I'm so impressed Clara. You people have done a great job. I really appreciate your work," Queen said, satisfied with the amazing work they have done.
"We glad to hear that, your highness," Clara said.
"Like I promised before, I'll let you people visit the earth, but you should come back within three hours, and remember, don't get involved with humans," the queen warned.
"Thank you so much, your highness, " They bowed and teleported from there.

The green grass kissed her feet as she put her bare foot on the ground. The sight of nature mesmerized her. The colorful blossoms and bees fleeing for sucking the honey from flowers made her wonder. She plucked a flower from the plant; its fragrance drove her refreshing feel. Ran from one plant to another plucking the flower, she reached the edge of the garden.

"Don't go any further Clara," Mira shouted from behind.
"I won't," Clara shouted back.

She captured the voices behind the bushes and spotted a bunch of people on the other side. Although she's invisible to humans, she felt like they'd see her. She hid behind a tree and peeked through the branches to see them talking. She caught a guy who was wiping his sweat from his forehead. Her face lit up. She'd never met such a young, beautiful guy. He's beautiful face that all other men would envy of. She couldn't take his eyes off of him. Her eyes followed his every move.

Baekhyun could sense someone observing him from afar and he darted his eyes everywhere. When his eyes landed on the tree near him, he noticed something moving. Before he'd take a clear view someone called him and he walked off. Clara watched him walk off. 'I must not waste my time' she thought and followed him.






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