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That came out blunt and rude. I suck as a person.

I knew he was going there when he asked if he could ask me a question. Honestly, I wanted to say yes. I wanted to say yes so badly. I wanted to just blurt it out, but instead my brain decided to blurt out 'no'. I wanted to scream it to the entire world, and from where I was standing it almost seemed possible. I wanted to be his girlfriend, but there was that part of me that just...couldn't.

Niall looked almost shocked, ", I mean, I wasn't, um, friend told me if I got the guts to ask a girl out that he'd buy me Nando's, so...yeah. That's why I asked you out."

I was actually kind of hurt in the sense that maybe he was telling the truth by that. What if he just wanted Nando's? "Really?"

Niall blushed, looked down at the floor, and messed with his hair, "Uh, no. That was a lie."

I was actually relieved that Niall wasn't that kind of guy, "I'm sorry. I want to be your girlfriend, but I can't. I'm- I'm sorry."

"It's...fine, I guess. Sorry for waking you up so early." I could hear in his voice that he wanted to say something but couldn't bring himself to it. There was so much I wanted to say, also.

I ran into the elevator, and Niall just stayed on the roof. I jumped around, as if it would make the elevator go faster, and when the doors finally opened I raced to my room. I just wanted to crawl under my covers and pretend this whole little sha-bang with Niall never happened.

And that's exactly what I did.


Bailey questioned, "So what exactly happened last night? I heard you leave, but I was too dead to get up."

I mumbled between sips of coffee, "I don't even want to talk about it."

"Tell me." Bailey pushed.

"Niall asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no."

Bailey slapped me across the face, something that she was never afraid to do. "You idiot! Why'd you say no? He's Niall Horan! He's beautiful and has an accent and is so freaking sweet and ah! Are you mental? You're mental, aren't you? Good Lord, I've been living with a mental person! How am I supposed to find another roommate that share's my love for Ben & Jerry's? Huh? How? How do you expect me to?"

[note: there's what you guys have wanted to tell Calista...(:]

I admitted, "I know he's perfect! I know! I was going to say yes!"

"Then why didn't you?" She yelled into my face.

"Because! Do you see the hate that their previous girlfriends have gotten? I don't want death threats coming my way! I don't want my face plastered all over the newest tabloids, hearing about how every teenage girl in the entire freaking world hates my guts! I don't want to see the gossip about how Niall's so totally cheating on me with some other girl! I don't want that! I want a boyfriend who's only my boyfriend, not someone who if he got down on one knee in front of any sane girl in the world, even if he didn't know her, she'd say yes! I don't want to be the girl that all other teenage girls hate just because I'm going out with their 'future husband'!" I air-quoted and took a deep breath. Screaming is very exhausting.

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