Call Me Pathetic...(Poem)

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Just a poem I made whether you like it, hate it, or whatever...just enjoy it! Please leave comments and/or vote...

The title of this poem is Pathetic

Maybe I should face my fears, just so I can dry my tears

My many heartbreaks over the years all fade away when you come near

The thought of you gone makes my heart disappear

Until you return to that place called "here"

If this is love, I don't wanna feel hate

If this is right, I don't wanna go left

My fears are telling me that I should wait

But my heart is saying that this is fate

I'm sitting here trying to comtemplate

Cause if I wait, it'll be to late

Months have passed and I still haven't said it

So I guess you can just call me Pathetic

(AN: courtesy of vocal_aDRINalin for making this amazing cover!)

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