Chapter Five,The Attack and the Bombshell

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Chapter Five, The Attack and the Bombshell

Robb was startled out of his sleep by a knock on the door. Looking to his wife who was slowly starting to wake, he groaned. He'd wanted her to sleep a bit longer. "Robb." Morgana muttered sleepily as she curled into him at another knock on the door. "My Lord and Lady. I'm sorry to disturb you but we must speak to you." Sir Arthur's voice called through the door.
"Come in." Robb called. The dragons Maraedor, Ragnarok and Aithusa screeched at being woken up but Morgana soon soothed them and they soon calmed down but they didn't go back to sleep as they watched the door along with the wolves as four men entered the room.

"My Lady and My Lord my name is Sir Barristan Selmy I was a member of the Kingsguard. I used to serve your grandfather my Lady and I used to serve King Robert, but I no longer wish to serve madmen and drunks. You are my Queen Morgana Stark and I wish to serve you and your Lord Husband which makes Robb Stark my King. I wish to serve with honour in whatever years I have left." Sir Barristan Selmy said from where he was kneeling on the floor his sword placed in front of Morgana. Rising from the bed and wrapping a robe over her nightgown Morgana stood in front of Sir Barristan.

"I Morgana Laelyn Stark Nee Taragyren, Heir to House Taragyren and Lady to both Houses, Mother of Dragons; take Sir Barristan Selmy as one of my guard. You will always have a place at my hearth, I will not make you do anything that'll cost you your honour. My meat and ale are yours from this day until your last or until you are released from your duty." Morgana said softly though her eyes flicked to Robb unsurely who nodded at her words smiling proudly.

"Thank you My Lady, My Lord." Sir Barristan bowed to both Morgana and Robb as he put his sword away, he startled as he heard a loud trill echoing throughout the room, he startled even more when his eyes landed on the three dragons. "It's okay, they will not hurt you." Robb assured the newest member of his wife's Guard. "So it is true. Sir Arthur told me but I did not believe him." Sir Barristan whispered his eyes fixed on Morgana as she sat on the floor allowing her dragons to clamber all over her and the wolves to curl up around her.

"It is a sight to behold. Even I struggle to believe it and I was here when Ana hatched them the morning after our wedding." Robb said proudly smiling at his wife who beamed back at him. "This is Ragnarok." Morgana introduced stroking the red and black medium sized dragon. "He can be a bit grumpy sometimes. But I suppose being in this room all the time would make one grumpy, though now the Royals have gone you can finally go outside." Morgana said happily laughing when her dragons trilled happily. "This is Maraedor, he's my largest dragon and likes to cause mischief so his name suits him."

Morgana now stroked her largest green dragon before turning to her white dragon who'd gone to sit on Robb. "This is Aithusa the only female though she can be feisty like the others if she wanted. Ana told me it means 'In light of the sun.' In dragon tongue." Robb now explained sitting down next to Ana.
"They're wonderful." Sir Barristan said in awe at seeing three live dragons. Clearing his throat he bowed his head as Allana came into the room and started drawing a bath giving the four guards a pointed look.

"We'll allow you to get ready for breakfast My Lord, My Lady." Sir Lancelot bowed as they exited the room. Unknown to everyone in the room Morgana's magic had gone seeking for her last living relatives and connected with her aunt and uncle on her aunts wedding day.


(Across the sea)

Everyone stopped what they were doing frozen by the sight before them of a beautiful young woman. She had hair darker than a Ravens' wing, eyes the colour of violet glowing brightly as she climbed from her bed wrapping a gown around her, no doubt her husband coming to stand beside the Goddess. "Who is that?" Daenarys  asked Sir Jorah.
"That is your niece Khaelessi." He replied gazing at the woman. "She is nearly three years younger than yourself and I've heard the stories of the amazing fighter she is. She's much like your ancestor the warrior queen. I've heard she has magic gifted to her by the Gods.

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