A Twisted Man

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There once was a girl named Samantha. She is a sociable and a nice girl. There was also another girl named CJ. Like Samantha, she is sociable, friendly, and nice. Both of them are best of friends.

One day, Samantha invited some her friends to sleep in her house. She also invited her best friend, CJ. CJ agreed and accepted her friend's invitation. The next day, CJ went to her house and Samantha became so happy to see her. During the day, both of them spend hours, chatting and playing inside Samantha's house.

One night, Samantha and CJ suddenly got hungry and decided to go out to buy food at the near sari-sari store. They bought biscuits and drinks. On their way back, CJ saw a man smiling at the both of them from the opposite side of the road. Then, CJ realized that the man's head was twisted all the way around, so he was facing to the both of them even if he had his back to them. CJ screamed and her friend, Samantha, started running away from the area.Being the slowest in the group, CJ left behind the wizz in her pants and waited for the grotesque figure to vanish.

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