Chapter Fifty-One» Stolen Nights

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Nodding at the elderly man I excused myself and walked out of the room, wanting a breath of fresh air.

When the moment came to say my goodbyes. I embraced the elderly man, as if he was my own grandad, hearing him chuckle. Patting my head like a child he whispered saying ' It's never too late to start anew'.

Uttering those words he walked out of the house accompanied by his son and his grandchildren. Each one of them standing behind his tall majestic figure. Never stepping before him.

" Hussaina I'm hungry"

A voice spoke all of a sudden making me look upwards, my thoughts wasting away the moment my eyes landed on the tall figure.

I could feel my breathing halting seeing Omar step inside the room. The clothes he wore from last night now swapped for a black suit. The tight fitted blazer allowing his built figure to stand tall. His muscles evident under the black  fabric.

Staring upwards at the man, I could see him look upwards. A look of shock painted his eyes as he stared at me, for the longest of time, not moving a single muscle.

A horde of emotions ran across his face as his gaze remained transfixed, never moving making me clear my throat awkwardly.

" Hi Pwetty Naina" A voice spoke from the doorway as a small boy came strolling inside. Wrapped with red and blue scarf. His dark brown eyes now looking at me. A spark of happiness playing across the young boys face. Making my eyes widen.

Walking towards me. He slowly untied his Spiderman scarf followed by his coat and the bag around his shoulders. Placing them neatly on the sofa he stood on to it before shuffling beside me. His head leaning lightly on to my arms.

" I like your eyes" He spoke innocently, his cold hands now reaching towards my face. Flinching from the coldness of his hand, I felt a smile on my face seeing the boy grin at me. Two dimples appearing across his cheeks.

" I like yours too" I spoke pinching the boys cheek seeing him sit beside me. His eyes glancing over to the book I was reading. Placing it slowly on to the table, I could see Kabir move away from me. Looking upwards at where his eyes were trailing to. I felt my gaze landing on Omar, seeing him reach towards his son.

" Kabir you don't do that. That's not nice" Omar spoke slowly. His tone hard making the young boy nod, his dark brown eyes welling up with tears.

" Kabir sorry papa" He whispered, the words barely audible making me sit up. Glancing towards the two, I could see Omar hold Kabir in his arms as he glanced upwards at me swallowing down, his Adam apple bobbing at the action.

" Naina come, eat with us" Omar asked slowly making me glance at the man. At loss for words.  A hopeful look remained in his eyes causing my eyes to aver and look downwards at my hand.

Knowing I wasn't going to say anything. Omar nodded almost to no one and walked out of the room with Kabir in his arms. A sudden nausea of guilt creeped down my spine. Not knowing the amount of times he had asked me something and I completely ignored him.

Standing up from the sofa, I easily walked out of the room and down the magnificent hallway. Hearing Kabir excitedly talk to his father about his day at Nursery.

Walking up the spiral staircase I rushed in to my bedroom wanting to get a peace of mind. Wanting something, anything to distract me.

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