Chapter Fifty-One» Stolen Nights

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" What's got you smiling like that?"

A curious voice murmured beside me, making me glance up. The trains of thoughts stopping. Looking to the side, I was surprised to see Hussaina sitting on the sofa. Her smiling face, looking at me curiously.

Shaking my head, my gaze averted away from the trees outside, seeing them move lightly. As if they were dancing to an unknown lullaby.

The days had gotten colder, winters breath finally kissing upon us. The early frost across the rooftops now melted away at the sight of the arising sun. Washing easily on to the floor.

Inhaling a sharp breath I shook my head at Hussaina. Having nothing particular to smile about except the distant memories.

"Nothing" I spoke slowly seeing Hussaina nod. A look of understanding flashing through her face as she shuffled on the sofa. Reaching towards her phone easily.

" It feels like a dream. I can't believe you're actually here" Hussaina gushed making me chuckle slowly. Trying to understand why this woman was in such a jolly mood this morning.

" I can't believe I'm here too" I repeated the same words yet with a different expression; with a different experience. Glancing around the large room, I stared upon every object used as means of decorations. Trying to bring life across this lonely house.

Each corner I looked at washed with money luxury yet all I could see it was, nothing but a golden cage.

" I was thinking of going outside. Want to come" Hussaina asked curiously making me snap out of my thoughts. Shaking my head, I offered the woman a smile seeing her return it and give me a light wave.

" Okay. I'll be back around seven. Mum needs me to come over for a while as well. I'll see you later Naina" Hussaina spoke, giving me a light wave before walking out of the room. Leaving me to my own thoughts.

It had been a week since I came here. Full seven days. In all my days here, I was either sitting in this room or my bedroom. Wanting to avoid walking inside the kitchen and the places that once brought memories. That held the visions of the past that I wanted to escape from.

Hussaina's parents and Dada had all left yesterday to stay in their house. They felt as though they were intruding but, to me, they were my haven. A source of fantasy to escape from my surroundings.

In all the days he stayed in the house, I was utterly fascinated with Dada. His humanitarian work and the way he had built schools for girls in the villages.

He was a blessing and how passionately he talked about bringing smiles upon the less fortunate.

In that moment I couldn't help but feel sick to my stomach. To think I've been nothing but ungrateful all this time, only crying about my past whilst there were people who had nowhere to go. Their life paused in the midst of going forward and being pulled back in to the darkness they called their life.

It was as though, the older man knew what I was thinking as he smiled and shook his head saying.

" The ocean is described as calm, but it's not the ocean that brings the storm. It's the waves that are pushed by the winds and the tides that are brought forth" He spoke slowly as he held the cup in his hand. His shaky fingers wrapping around the warm clay whilst he spoke. A smile twinkling in his eyes.

" Each one has a different tale to tell" He said after a long silence and I couldn't help but feel my eyes land on the dark ones glancing at me ever so often.

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