Becoming One (a Naruto fanfiction)

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I walked out of my bedroom, leaving my jacket behind because the weather looked awesome. If I looked out of my window, I could see the light blue sky with tiny clouds floating in it. They sure looked like pillows, but I knew that trying to lie on them would be impossible.

But what was I thinking? Imagining about clouds? I should go downstairs and make breakfast, or else I would be late. Late for school of course.

I ran down the stairs, to the first floor of our house. I had put my bag somewhere in here, I only had to remember where again.

"Okay, not in the game room, nor the guest room..." I mumbled, opening and closing the doors of said rooms. I caught a glimpse of baby blue mixed with purple and instantly knew it was my bag.

"Yes!" I exclaimed, grabbing my bag and jumping up and down excitedly.

Of course, something had to go wrong. I hadn't noticed that I was standing in front of the stairs, so while jumping, I accidently slipped and....Yeah....*awkward silence*.....I fell downstairs.

"Emily? Girl what did you do this time?" My mom asked after walking into the hallway, seeing me laying on my back with my legs still half on the stairs.

This happened quite often. I tempt to get excited really fast and when I am, I get a bit clumsy. But my mom got used to it. The first time I fell of the stairs was when I was 8. I had won a game against my brother for the first time in my life (and I still don't know if he let me win...) and was so happy that I jumped out of the game room and had started to dance. I wanted to tell my mom about it, so I ran downstairs as fast as possible. Not smart, 'cause I slipped and fell.

My mother had been so worried! She had taken me to the hospital to see if I were fine.

Everything was okay, though I broke my arm...

I smiled sheepishly at my mom, trying to get up from the weird position I was in. That didn't work, so my mom let out a deep sigh and helped me back on my feet.

"I am glad that you're okay, but you should watch out more, Emily." She scolded me. I looked at the ground in shame and nodded.

"Good, now go and eat your breakfast, you have to be early at school and you don't want to be late." Mom said, before walking to the kitchen. I followed her and walked into the huge kitchen. Yeah, my dad happened to love cooking, so that's why the kitchen was huge and had all kinds of stuff, from microwaves to high tech ovens.

"Is it okay if I grab a sandwich?" I asked my mom, pointing to the plate with delicious looking sandwiches. My mom chuckled and gave me three of them, one for breakfast and two for lunch at school.

"Thanks!" I said, grabbing my bag, phone and keys. "I'm going! See you later!" I shouted, before walking outside. I grabbed my bike and went to school.

It was 8 o'clock, I was exactly on time. "Yeah, I'm on time everyone!" I yelled, walking into the classroom. Everyone smiled at me, chuckled or said something like 'silly Emily'. I loved my class, we were all friends of each other and we helped each other when it was needed. No one got bullied, because everyone was nice and cool.

We didn't have a big class, it existed of 10 people, including me. This was also one of the reasons we were all friends. We didn't have 'groups', we all hung out with each other. We were one big group of friends.

When the teacher, the Awesome Mr. Daniëls walked into the classroom, everyone went to their seats as he smiled at us.

"Good morning everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend. I'm sure you all know why we're here so early, but I'll tell it again anyways." He said, making everyone laugh.

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