Chapter One

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It's 2009 and it's been 145 years since I've been a vampire and in those 145 years, I have never killed a human. I'm not a fan of human blood, I prefer blood from a bag or sometimes an animal.

I haven't seen my brothers since 1864, but I run into Katherine every couple years and while we try not to kill ECG other, she keeps me updated on my brothers.

I guess Stefan turned into a ripper but then met some chick named Lexi and is better now. Damon isn't at all like his human self. He likes to party but who doesn't when you're a vampire. They've been feuding for the last 30 years about something, but that's their drama.

I'm pretty sure neither of them know I'm dead.

When I went back to Mystic Falls, 1890, I found out that a vampire, my brother Stefan, killed our father. But I don't think Stefan ever realized I was dead. Damon on the other hand probably knows I'm alive since he gave me Katherine's blood, but of course never came looking for me.

I go back to Mystic Falls every now and then to see family who live in the boarding house. I guess Stefan visits every now and then too, but we've never bumped into each other.

Speaking of Mystic Falls, I'm heading back there for awhile. I heard Stefan is living there and Damon just so happened to pop up so, I think it's time for a family reunion.


The first thing I do when I come back to Mystic Falls is visit the place where our old home used to be. I feel comfortable there, like nothing has every changed, but everything changed.

After our old home, I headed to the old Salvatore Boarding House. I was able to sneak into the house without getting stopped for someone to invite me in, which confused me since our nephew Zachary is supposed to own the house.

I sat on the couch, poured myself something to drink and waited. After several hours, finally the boys came walking in.

"Damon, what do you have planned?" Stefan said oblivious of me.
Damon ignored him and started to face me with a concerned, questioning look. Stefan turned the corner,
"Damon--Oh my god." Stefan looked scared. I guess he didn't know I was a vampire.

"Miss me?" I said with a smirk.
"How the hell are you alive and a vampire?" Stefan said.
"Why don't you ask our big brother?" I smirked again while taking drink and looking over towards Damon who was pouring himself a glass of whiskey.

"Katherine. She compelled me into putting her blood in Sophia's tea everyday just in case. " Damon said with guilt.
"But, how'd you die? Our father said you ran away after you saw us die." Stefan said still confused.
I bursted out laughing and almost spilled my glass.
"That bastard said I ran away! Ha! More like he killed me too." Both of the boys looked at me confused. I carried on, "I was hiding behind a tree when you went to go get Katherine. I watched him shoot both of you, so I went to go hit him and he started to hit me with the end of the gun and he hit me so hard I died. Emily found me and helped me like she helped the both of you."

"You've been alive all these years and never came to talk to us?" Stefan said.
"I didn't want to get in your brother drama. Plus, I came here every couple years to visit family. Speaking of family, why didn't I have to get invited in? Where's Zachary?"
I see Stefan stare down Damon.
"Damon snapped his neck."
"Oops." Damon said careless.
I got up and ran over to him and snapped his neck.
"Well, guess Zach is even now." Stefan said with a chuckle.

"So, big brother. Why are you here?"
Stefan looked at me, embarrassed.
"There's this girl," He started to explain. "She's great and beautiful."
"And human I'm guessing?"
"Yeah, she's human. Enough about me. Tell me about you."
"What would you like me to say? I was 16 years old when I died Stefan; not much you can do as a 16 year old your whole life. "
"Ugh- If you snap my neck again, you'll be a 16 year old with her heart on the floor."
I gave a sassy look over to Damon.
"Damon, shut up. Sophia, I'm back in school. Why don't you come to school with me? You can meet Elena and start school and a life here."
"Oh yeah, start school and try not to eat all the warm veined humans." Damon said being a dick.
"I don't drink human blood. I drink from bags or animals every once in awhile."
"Oh my god. We already have one Stefan, we don't need another one."
"Shut up, Damon. Come on Sophia. Come to school with me tomorrow and I'll take you to the Grill to meet some people tonight."

I thought about it for awhile and then agreed to sign up for school the next day and go to some place called the Grill tonight.


Stefan took me to the Grill to meet some of his friends. Damon tagged along. Stefan said it's because Damon has something planned,but whatever more brother problems.

We walk in and some girl comes running up to greet Stefan. It was Katherine.
"What the fuck are you doing here?" I said to Katherine knowing everyone thinks she's dead.
"Excuse me." Stefan said to Katherine and he pulled me aside.

"That's Elena! Not Katherine." Stefan said trying to not let Elena hear.
"But, she looks exactly like her! How is that possible?"
"I don't know. But, she doesn't know she looks like Katherine, so please don't bring it up. And to answer your next question, yes, she knows about Damon and I."

I just gave Stefan a weird look and walked over to Damon who was at the bar.
Before I got to the bar, some blonde girl hopped in front of me.
"Caroline, this is Stefan's sister, Sophia." Elena said introducing us.
"Hi!" Caroline said overly excited.
"Hi." I said with a smile then quickly walked away.

Stefan and Elena walked to their own booth, while Caroline was on her way leaving. I walked over to Damon.

"That was my old toy before she got all stupid and emotional." Damon said as I rolled my eyes at him. And I see you met, Elena. Freaky right?"
"I'm surprised you're not all over her. Oh shh! They're talking about me."
Damon and I used our special hearing to listen to Elena and Stefan.

"So that's your sister? " Elena asked nervously.
Stefan nodded.
"She has your brunette hair, but has Damon's blue eyes."
"I know. She looks like our mother." Stefan said with a smile.
"So, is she more like you or like Damon?" Elena was still nervous.
"Does she compel people and drink from them? No. She drinks blood bags and animals. So she's not a threat. But, she's bitchy like Damon and I don't know if she compels people. Honestly, I never met a vampire who doesn't compel people."

Damon and I started to laugh.

We started to listen to them again,
"Do you think it's a good idea to bring her to school?" Elena asked.
"She had to grow up without a mom and then she survived 145 years by herself. She needs this. I promise El-"

I started to walk over to them.
"I'm not gonna eat your whole school. Stefan told me you are an orphan. Well guess what. So am I. At least you have your aunt and your brother. I had no one for 145 years. Try living in a 16 year old body for 145 years. You won't get anywhere. I just want a chance to be with family again." I stormed out of the Grill and just ran.

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