Part 136*

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***** Please read note at the end.

After the eventful day of Diwali celebrations yesterday, Sumo and Shravan were exhausted. Since it was the time of fesivites, both PCT and SUMshra were closed and the two had time to rest in the morning. 

Sumo woke up, entangled by Shravan's leg and arms that had been holding onto her all night. She smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair. He had always been possessive about his hair and Sumo loved messing it up. A smiled formed on Shravan's face as he felt Sumo playing with his hair. He slowly opened his eyes to find himself right in front of Sumo's face. 

He leaning up and pecked her lips as she blushed and wrapped her arms around him, engulfing him in a hug. 

Shravan: Good morning Jaan. 

Sumo: (yawning) Good Morning Shravu. 

Shravan: (pitching her cheeks) Awe. Shravu huh??? Looks like someone is in the mood of some morning romance. 

Sumo: (blushing and getting out of bed) That's all you can think about huh? 

Shravan: At the end of the day, I'm just a man! 

Sumo: (shaking her head) Of course you are! Anyways, I'm going to go and get ready. Me, Preeti, and Vandy Bhabhi are going out to the spa. 

Shravan: (frowning) Since when have you been into spas??

Sumo: Since Vandy Bhabhi told me how amazing they feel! And plus, Preeti wanted to get a prenatal massage. 

Shravan: Ok fine. You guys go and have fun. I'm gunna handle some work with Pushkar as well. 

Sumo: Sounds good to me. 

Sumo and Shravan both got ready and headed out in different direction. Sumo headed out with the ladies while Shravan walked over to Malhotra & Associates. He entered the building, greeting all of the employees before he walking into Pushkar's office. 

Pushkar: Bhaiya? What a pleasant surprise? (in a dramatic way) 

Shravan: (rolling his eyes) Stop acting drama queen! 

Pushkar: (laughing) Sorry, sorry! So ready to go?? 

Shravan: Yeah. I have all the paperwork ready. 

Pushkar: Great. Let's head out. 

Pushkar grabbed his keys as they both walked out of the office and headed for the car. Shravan read through all of the papers one last time as Pushkar drove to the court. 

Pushkar: All we have to do today is submit the papers for the case and sign the official documents. 

Shravan: But most importantly, today we will meet the opposition's lawyer.

Pushkar: Exactly!

Shravan: I can't wait to meet the fool who thinks he'll be able to win this case!

Pushkar: You're right! Whoever it is, they're going to lose! 

It wasn't long before their car pulled up in the parking lot of the court. The both of them got out and headed towards the offices, looking around to see if they could spot anybody. 

Shravan: Is it this one? 

Shravan said pointing to one of the doors. 

Pushkar: Yeah.

Both of them opened the door and entered the office to find a figure siting in the chair with his back facing them. Shravan cleared his throat to get the attention of the man. And just as he heard the presence of more people in the room, he stood up and turned round. 

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