His lips are so sweet and soft. He tastes like strength and love. If those two words had a taste, it would taste like him. I can taste his blood in my mouth but I don't care. I just want to be with him in this moment forever. I don't want this to end.

When he finally pulled away we were both breathless. I could see his life slipping away as the seconds passed. "Ale ni da s di." (Live.) He said with a weak smile.

"Tla yu da lu la, nu tlo ya s dv na, tsv sa." (Cannot possibly without yourself.)

"V v." (Yes.) He nodded. "Atsi lv quo di A yv, A le tsv ti go hi, i yu quu ni ga li s ta nv." (Honor me and you will see at some time.) He pecked my lips again. "A na gi s di." (Go.)

"Wi ni du yu go dv na!" (No way!) I said hugging him tightly. He pulled me away from him and brushed a few strands of jet black hair from my face. His fingers have gone cold and the feeling gave me goosebumps.

"Na hi yu tsi ge se s di, Tsu de ti yv da, O ni u wa gu di di sv," (By this time, years afterwards,) He breathed shallowly. "Tsi ga ta ha, A se i, V ga lu tsv." (I shall return.) His eyes started to close drift closed. I shook his body in my hands.

"Cheveyo?" I cried fresh new tears as I tried to wake him. "U ye tsv gi! U ye tsv gi!" (Awake! Awake!) I yelled smacking his face a bit. His eyes parted just a bit.

"Shhh." He whispered. "A hi ya s di, ni hi, Na s gi na i, Hi la go i yu, A yv, Ga lu tsv Ga so hi, Na s gi na i." (Save your tears for when I come back for you.)

"A yv Gv ge yu i Ni hi, Cheveyo." (I love you.) I whispered softly to him. There is no point in me fighting any longer. I know he will not survive.

He gave me one last weak smile. "A yv Gv ge yu i Ni hi, Catori." (I love you.) His eyes started to close again. "A ga ti di s di, Na s gi na i, A yv." (Wait for me.) He whispered before His body went limp in my arms.

"Cheveyo!" I screamed. "Ho wa tsu U ye tsv gi!" (Please awake!) I shook him hard. I know he is gone, the love of my life died in my arms and I couldn't do anything to save him. I wrapped my arms around his lifeless body and cried. I cried until I felt myself being pulled away from him.

"Tla! Tla! Tla!" (No! No! No!) I screamed trying to hold on to his body. "A yv tla ye li A da nv s di! (I wont leave!) I was pulled away from the man and I was engulfed in total darkness. "Cheveyo!" I yelled as my eyes popped upon and I was sitting up in my bed. There is sweat pouring from me and my heart is beating erratically.

It was all just a dream. I'd be fine if this wasn't the first time I've had this dream. I've had this reoccurring nightmare every night since I was little. It always happened the same way except when I had the dream as I child, we were both children also. As I grew up, so did the people in the dream.

It would be a lot easier if it didn't mean so much. I've fallen in love with the man in my dreams. Cheveyo is his name. I don't know who is or if he even exists. I just know that he has been in head constantly since I was four years old. The strangest thing about the dream is when I wake up, I can smell him on my clothes. I don't know if its my imagination or what but I smell it every time.

I wake up in the mornings thinking of him and I fall asleep doing the same. I don't even try to avoid sleeping anymore. At first I was afraid to sleep but as I had the dream more and more I anticipated seeing his face, even if it just moments before he died. I love him like he's a real person.

I've never had a boyfriend because of him. Even if he isn't a real person, I still wait for him just like he asked. I know its crazy. Who falls in love with someone from their imagination? Crazy people. I haven't told my parents about my dreams, the only person I've told is my best friend Sara.

I climbed out of bed and tried to push his gorgeous tanned face out of my head. Even past the cuts and bruises, I know he is gorgeous. He is obviously Native American but the dream is set in a time before other settlers came. From the arrows that hung from his chest, it seemed as if he were some type of fighter or a warrior.

Maybe a shower will help. I grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom. My dad isn't home, like always. He's always working and I only see him once or twice a month. You may as well say I've been taking care of myself since mom died.

I feel like a terrible person every time I think about her. When she died, I didn't even cry. It's not that I didn't love her, it's just that I couldn't find any tears. I feel bad because every night I cry for a person who doesn't even exist.

The shower didn't help much, so I decided I may as well get ready for school. Usually that takes my mind off of him for at least a few minutes out of the day. When I'm constantly thinking about him I can't get anything done. Maybe Sara can help me. I grabbed my backpack and made sure I had everything. I took the keys off of the kitchen counter and headed out.

( I hope this story is making a little sense. I had to piece together the Cherokee words to make sentences or phrases. So it may be confusing. It was hard... I hope it seems interesting and I'd like to get at least one comment on whether I should continue. Remember this is just me putting my dreams on paper. If it sucks just let me know please!!!)

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