Gods and Monsters...

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So, a lot of you who follow me will probably see that I've added a new story. The title of this story is called Gods and Monsters, and in all actuality, I've been working on this story for a very long time. Since my birthday last year to be exact. I like the story and it's close to my heart but I wasn't sure how you guys would like it, so I held off on releasing it for a long time. However, everything inside of me was like, "Release it, release it!" And now I have. There are a few stories that have been begging me to release them. Some I've been working on for more than two years now, but Gods and Monsters will be the first one I'll release.

I've added the Preface and the first three chapters here on Wattpad. The remaining five chapters can be found on Radish. I'll be adding the chapters to Wattpad as soon as they become free. Please, make sure to tell me what you think of Gods and Monsters. If you guys like it, I'll continue making chapters for it!

Thanks for all your support! The synopsis will be below for anyone interested!!


It's been a long time since Paranormals have been seen in Lacome Cove. The quiet, peaceful town has long since forgotten the existence of Vampires, Werewolves and all the other frightening creatures that go bump in the night. But when aspiring supernatural writer, Natasha James moves to Lacome Cove, desperate to escape her past, she unintentionally awakens all of the creatures the serene town forgot about.

Things are about to get a little less peaceful in Lacome Cove.

Things are about to get a little less peaceful in Lacome Cove

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