Chapter 1

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(A/N: this is the first part of a three part series called 100 Suns Trilogy! Comment and view, and enjoy!)

"So they have a scheduled studio date in the next couple of weeks, it'll be set up in a house up in the hills - they always record there - and then, Jared has promo for Suicide Squad for some weeks after that..." Shayla rambled on much to Zoë's exasperation, it's not like she knew this anyway or anything like that. No, Zoë didn't have a schedule diary in her bag, colour coded, with post-it notes and important numbers in. "Are you listening?" Shayla grabbed hold of her arm and grabbed her attention back.

Zoë hummed and glanced up after aimlessly staring at the floor. "Not really no."

Shayla stressed, running a hand through her hair. "Zoë! This is important information I'm telling you!" Giving her arm a slight slap.

"Shayla, calm down." She said and took hold of her hands. "Everything's under control, it's not like I do this for right?" I sarcastically gave her a look and she only pouted back. "I have my diary with everything in and if I need any help I'll just call you, okay?" Zoë brought her over to the chair and helped her sit down, seeing the stress setting in.

The blonde breathed out and rubbed her swollen pregnant stomach. "I'm sorry,'s just the first time I've left band, since being in charge."

Zoë rolled her eyes and took a seat across from her, playing with the strands of her short black hair. "I know it's hard for you to just give the reigns up but you're going to be a mother Shay, and I think that's a good enough reason to take a break. It's been what? 5-10 years working with them?"

"15 years actually." She mumbled back.

Zoë widened her eyes, taken back. "Oh okay, wow, I didn't think it was that many, that's a long time without any breaks... But now it's time for you to have one and thinking about yourself and your baby." Zoë took Shayla's free hand and smiled, happy for her close friend.

Shayla nodded. "I think you're right...I mean it's going to take some adjusting, not having to be rushing day in day out with everything in the band and Jared, and I can enjoy this, use these two months before the baby arrives to settle down." She reasoned.

The black haired woman nodded and smiled. "See there you go."

Shayla stared down at her pregnant stomach and rubbed her hand over her stomach. "I hope you realise that this means a lot to me that you'll step in while I'm on maternity leave."

"Hey, what are friends for?" Zoë bumped Shayla's shoulder playfully, smirking away. "I was a little surprised when I got the call but who else better eh, than a fellow agent." She winked sassily. "It's a good thing I've just finished my sabbatical."

"A sabbatical at 28, really?" Shayla teased and shook her head.

"This job is hard, and two years around the globe was exhausting enough without having to wait hand and foot on pompous movies stares." Zoë justified her time away with a little crane of the next and shallow look, teasing her friend.

Before Zoë had decided on her two year sabbatical she was agent to a few celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst or Dakota Fanning, or Julia Stiles to name just a few. She predominantly worked with female movie stars more than males because she felt more comfortable around them than men. Come to think of it, she'd never really worked with a male celebrity of any description, she'd met loads at high profiled events, but never anything more than that. So looking after a rock band made up of three men and handling one of those men's acting career also was a big challenge. But as soon as she got that call from Shayla asking if she could step in as their "acting" agent while she was on maternity leave, Zoë quickly agreed, it was a challenge she was willing to take in aid of a personal, close friend of hers.

Zoë glanced down to her rolex watch and tutted. "Look at the time, I have things to be doing, not consoling your ass." She joked and jumped to her feet, grabbing her bag from the floor.

"I'll show you out then." Shayla went to get from her seat but Zoë forcefully pushed her back in.

"Ah, ah, no you stay there and get yourself whatever herbal remedy teas you pregnant ladies drink these days for the immune system." She waved off, smirking.

Shayla shook her head but couldn't help smirking along with her friend. "You really have no clue about babies for a 28 year old do you?"

Zoë shrugged her shoulders. "Babies are hell, all they do is scream and want attention and feeding and changing constantly, something I only manage to do by myself." She sighed. "Anyway, I'm still being the godmother right?"

Shayla chuckled. "Yes you will be, don't worry about that."

Smirking, Zoë placed a kiss on Shayla's cheek, saying her goodbyes. "I'll phone you soon okay? And if you're stressed out about something, don't bother calling, I've got this all under control, I know exactly what I'm doing, I've done this a million times before, blah blah blah." Zoë backed out the room, happily humming her way to the front door, excited about this new challenge ahead with a trio of rockstars.

"Uh Zoë?!" Shayla called from her kitchen.

Zoë just ignored it, telling her that everything will be fine and there was no need to worry about her, and also not to move because it'll take her half an hour to get to the door with her big stomach. She didn't let Shayla respond as she closed her front door and headed to her car that she'd parked outside. A classic 1969 Mustang, her favourite kind of car.

As she went to grab her keys from her bag to unlock it, she noticed that her bag was missing and patted herself down, trying to remember where she'd left it. She cursed and looked up at the sky, realising that she'd left it inside with Shayla. She knew what coming from that and cautiously opened the door, walking back inside.

"Uh Shay, I just..." As Zoë walked into the kitchen she saw Shayla smirking away, holding her bag with her finger and raising her eyebrow. "Forgot my bag."

"Yeah, I can see that." Shayla teased and gave her her bag back.

Zoë sheepishly thanked her, giving her a small hug before walking backwards. "Don't worry Shay, everything is under control." Making an "OK" sign with her fingers.

Shayla heard the door slam and the engine of her friends car start up, muttering to herself as she sipped her lemon tea; "Good Luck boys, you're going to need it with that one."

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