Break Up Or Make Up Part 1.

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Y/n:"Kendall....we need to talk"I heard Y/n's voice making my head snap up and look at her. I knew this talk was boud to happen and I was dreading it. What if she says its a mistake? What if she regrets saying I love you cause in all honesty from the time she said I had it replying in my head.

There was something about the way she said I love you that made my world feel like it was on fire. It made the butterflies in my stomach go insane and my heart beat like crazy. There was something about Y/n that made me feel a million things at once and not a single thing was bad. She did have her moments but she would never take it out on me and if she did she would always make up for it. Y/n is the best thing that happened to me and I can't lose her. Not now. Not ever.

Kendall:"Okay and I'm guessing its about what happened a few days ago"I said making her scratch the back of her neck and nod.

Y/n:"Yeah"She said taking a deep breathe and looking at me"Kendall what we did was wrong"She said making me look at her and frown"You're in a relationship with Rakim and-"

Kendall:"I'm not"I said making her stop and look at me.

Y/n:"What?"She asked making sure she heard correct.

Kendall:"I'm not with Rakim anymore"I said making her sit back in her chair and look at me. She looked shocked obviously but there was more curiousity in her eyes then anything.

Y/n:"I-I thought you loved him"She said making me look at her and shake my head.

Kendall:"Y/n I-"I cut myself off and sighed"I only did what I did because you weren't giving me enough attention and I know that isn't a good excuse but that's why. I didn't love. I thought I did but it was infatuation. I only loved it cause he gave me attention while you were away and on tour and I know its fucked up...I know it is but its true. I feel nothing for him and I know what I did was fucked up and I know I pretended like everything was fine and that everything was normal when it wasn't and I have no excuse for what I did and I know I hurt you Y/n. I do and I want to do whatever I can to get you back Y/n cause I can't lose you"I said making her look at me with blank expression.

Y/n:"Kendall you do know that you cheated on me for one year. It was one year Kendall...basically one year of our relationship was a lie"She said making me nod understanding where she was coming from.

Kendall:"I do and I'm sorry Y/n. I really am and I know what I did was fucked up but I can't live without you. I can't stand seeing you with someone else...and I can't stand to see you look at someone the way you used to look at me"I said making her put her head in her hands.

Y/n:"I know how you feel Kendall cause I feel the same but if we do this again....I don't trust you anymore Kendall. I gave you everything Kendall and you just broke me and the trust"She said looking me making me frown.

Kendall:"I know but give me a chance Y/n. I know this a lot but I'm serious this time. I won't hurt you again. I promise you that I won' please"I said grabbing her hand and intertwining it with mines. She looked at our hands and then at me. She looked like she was having a battle with herself and I was parying to god that she would give me chance.

Y/n:"Okay I will but this is the final one Kendall. There's no more after this and if you break it we're done"She said making me nod really fast"And if you want us need to earn my trust back"She said making me nod more.

Kendall:"Okay. I'll do anything"I said making her nod.

Y/n:"We should get going...Its getting late and you need rest"She said pulling out a few dollars and waking up making me follow her. She got in the car with me following and drove over to our old house. She helped carry the bags inside and placed it down and gave me a small smile"Well I should get going-"

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