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Kendall POV:
Breakups. Something everyone have been through. My relationship with harry just ended to say i was upset is an understatement because it really hurt me that he ended a 2 year relationship just over a text. So here i am alone in a club drowning my sorrows away.

Y/n POV:
"Let's go get a drink!" I heard my friend cole scream over the blasting music of the club. Cole, Camila, Kj, Lili and I are here in the club celebrating the awards the have received during Teen choice award. I'm so proud of them. I met them through Camila. I'm not an actor like them but a singer. As I approached the bar someone caught my eye. She was seating at the bar drowning shots. She look kind of miserable but im not a person who judge. I didn't realize i was staring at her until Cole suddenly tap me on the shoulder.

"Stop staring and just ask her for her number." Cole said laughing at me. "No what the hell bro i think you had too much drink and even if i ask i don't think she will not give me." Even though i want to approach her i don't she will be comfortable giving her number to a stranger. "Haha very funny come on you are y/n the most incredible and famous singer everyone wants to get in your pants. No doubt i think she will give you her number." Cole said slurring his words and yap he is definitely drunk. "Oh my god isn't that Kendall Jenner!" Camila screamed into my ears. Everyone is apparently drunk now i guess.

But damn i didnt know she was Kendall. She is my celebrity crush i have never met her before and i cant believe im meeting her now. Im totally her fan. "Dont you have a crush on her?" Lili said sheepishly. My small crush on Kendall is known to my friends as i would sometimes mention her. "Ya i do and can yall please stop shouting im not deaf you know." I was getting kind of annoyed as all of them are drunk. "Go talk her mate. I can help you if you want." Kj put his arm around me and told me. "Okay fine i will just so that yall would shut up." I said walking away from my group of friends and i can faintly hear them whistling and saying some dirty stuff. I slowly walk towards her and i dont know why but suddenly im getting kind of nervous.

Kendall POV:
"Hey you look kind of down are you alright?" I heard someone speaking to me and when i turn around, i saw y/n. Im in awe he is one of the most demand solo artist and not to mention he is kind of cute and hot. "Yeah im fine just a bad day" i said as i continue to drink. "If you want to talk about it you can come look for me just be careful alright. And you might want to slow down on the drinks." He said while scratching his neck. Instead of replying i just smile and nod. No one has made me feel this way before not even harry but i dont want to admit it cos i just got out of a relationship and its probably the alcohol kicking in.

Y/n POV:
"You finally talk to her, congrats mate. Tell us how was it." Kj look at me and drift his eyes to Kendall. "Yeah come on how was it." Cole started eyeing me. "It was okay i guess i mean i dont think she knows me so ya." After saying that I realize how stupid i was. I forgotten to introduce myself im such an idiot. And the rest of the night when on as the rest of us started to dance and party. Occasionally i will glaze over to see her.

"Alright guys i think we should head back" looking over at how drunk they were i think that is the best option. "Yeah we should. Y/n how are you going home we have a driver to send us back cause we have to head back to set and Camila house is closer to set we are staying over at her house." Lili said and im surprise she isnt as drunk as the rest of them. "I drove here today so dont worry you guys should get some rest. Be careful. Dont get into much trouble." They left and after finishing my last drink I started heading to door. Not before looking over at her to see whether she has when home.

She was still there and i can see the bartender trying to stop her from drinking so i just head to her table. "Kendall i think you should stop drinking is anyone bringing you home?" I asked but instead she just slapped my arm away and shouted. "Im a grown ass woman i know how to take care of myself so leave me alone!" Okay she is definitely drunk. After saying that she pass out. What am I supposed to do now its already 2. So I decided to just bring her to my house.

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