Chapter Fifty» I Once Did

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I was scared.

To comprehend my feelings as a being nervous and fearful would be an understatement. I was going back to the place where life had started and when it had ended.

How was I to walk around the same hallways. To pass by the familiar walls and not see the memories flash before me. The very thought had shivers clawing down my spine.

Tensing, my fingers curled against the cream dress I was wearing; feeling the car drive on. The occasion bumps on the road and the sound of the engines roaring becoming an ally through the eerie quiet journey.

Flickering my gaze upwards. It landed on to Aman sitting at the front seat. His hands gripped tightly on to the steering wheel whilst he drove. Beside him sat Abba whom now glanced ahead of him. His face deadpan yet a lava of emotions flashing in his eyes.

The occasional clearance of throat was the only indication of life. As each one stayed in utter silence.

Looking out of the window at the sea of trees. The clouds chased with us. Competing in a race it had no relation to. The familiar hills and roads became clearer by the passing second as we drove through Vancouver. Reminding me of a time I urged to forget.

It had been a week since the decision was made. Despite swearing upon and down the place. The decision that was taken would be put to action. Aman argued we didn't have to listen to them; but Abba knew that going against the words that were agreed was disrespectful. Instead he looked at me and said,

" Pack only for three months. There's no need for anything more" The finality in his words seemed to bring a surge of strength in to Armaan and Aman's eyes. Knowing despite spending those three months in that hell hole of a home. As soon as the months are completed, the very next day I would get divorce. I would be free of this all.

To think of it. My father hadn't crossed me, he thought Sultan would speak on behalf of both the families and eventually give the final verdict. One thing Abba didn't expect was the council to add three months. His expectations were crushed and so he agreed to what they said but added firmly. The very next day all would come and Omar would need to say those words, if he wanted to or not.

Closing my eyes tightly. Images of my wedding day flashed before me. The day Aunt Farrah and Uncle Huzaifah came. The day all gathered and embraced each other in happiness for the new union.

If only I could travel back to the day and say No. It wasn't forced on to me, but God, I didn't know this would happen. I hadn't comprehended Saif would leave on the wedding day and I would marry Omar. I didn't comprehend that Omar would backstab me and marry his long term girlfriend and have a child. I didn't think I'd fall down the cliff and lose all purpose to life. When did life start and when did it end.

" As soon as those three months are done. Naina's decided to go back to London. She doesn't need to stay here"

Aman spoke all of a sudden. His stern voice echoing past the eerie quiet car. Armaan who was sitting beside me tensed. His large hazel eyes snapping forward landing on his elder brother. Astonished at what he had said.

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