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"You know what they say"

My best friend's voice rang through the darkness. We were sitting here for, like, 30 minutes already, desperately waiting for the electricity to come back. I hated the darkness and so I hated it, when nobody dared themselves to talk.

I turned my head to see her sitting on the armchair, curled up with knees tight to her body. Her eyes were filled with awe and fear at the same time. Everybody else didn't say a word, we all just stared at her to continue.

"You know what they say, don't you? About that mirror game?" she said, voice low.

I turned my head against the group again. Confusion spread across their faces, everyone exchanged looks in disbelief.

"Like, when you call him."

"For god's sake, do you mean this freaking ghost thing?" Natt laughed from the other side, opposite of me.

"Yeah." Hannah nodded. "Exactly, I mean this freaking ghost thing."

"Whoa, don't start with that, I'm already pissing myself." Georgia whined and grabbed her boyfriend's hand.

He whispered something in her ear, eyes full with amusement. I believed he told her when they're going to sneak out to fuck in the bathroom because since they're together, they have kind of like an addiction to do it at least 5 times a day. Which I think is pretty disgusting, if you think further about it.

"C'mon, that's gonna be fun." Ansel smiled, poking his elbow into Natt's side.

"What is that mirror game - ghost thing shit?" I asked since I had no clue.

"It's about the Styles boy, you remember?" Hannah said.

"You mean.."

"Yeah, the one that was murdered."

"But Han, that's, like, 80 years ago." I disagreed, shaking my head in disbelief.

"89 years, to be exact. It was 1924." Ansel said.

It felt like everyone else in the room just followed our conversation, but nobody wanted to interrupt. It felt weird that we were talking about that Styles guy being murdered in 1924 on a Friday night when the electricity was gone. It made me shiver and feel cold in my inner.

"And it's a freaking prank to fear little kids, you know. I wouldn't take that too serious." Natt added.

"Should I be worried that I still don't know what y'all are talking about?" I asked again, finding myself blush a little in embarrassment.

"The mirror game?" Ansel asked.

I nodded, hesitantly, not knowing what was expecting me.

"You stand in front of a mirror." Han said. "And you call his name 4 times."

"Harold." Natt smiled, looking at his smiling best friend Ansel.

"You know what?" he said, jumping up from the sofa. "I'm gonna do that now, in case anyone of you was worried that this shit really exists."

Everyone looked up at Ansel with big eyes, filled with fear. At least mine were filled with fear and anxiety that something is really going to happen.

Memories floated through my mind when Hannah told me, like, a year ago. The worst thing that could've ever happened to and in Newcastle if you ask me. Two teenagers being found in their bathroom, both skinned. Blood all over the walls, blood was everywhere. And there was a big whole in the wall behind the mirror but since one of them still held a big knife, the police assumed that he killed his friend and himself afterwards. Not just because of the knife, but also because his friend's skin was completely gone and his barely was. I was disgusted by just thinking about that. Hannah still assumed that they were playing the game, I guess, and that the Styles boy murdered them but I refused to even think about that.

"Mate!" Natt said, slapping his friend's side. "We're gonna do that in the house!"

"Whoa, what house?" Han interrupted their excitement.

"The Styles house." Ansel smiled.

"No way, guys. Nobody who entered it ever came out again, you're not gonna do that." Han said, shaking her head and rising herself from the armchair.

Natt and Ansel looked at each other, goofy smiles spread across their features, nodding against Hannah's will.

"C'mon!" Ansel exclaimed, waving for the others sitting around him in a circle to stand up and accompany him.

And so I did, jumping up from the sofa, still a bit tired since it was, like, 2 a.m. I stared at Ansel. He bent down to Hannah and told her that it's going to be fun and that there's no need to worry.

Everyone got out of the flat. We agreed to share the cars since not everyone had an own and so we started to drive. Out of this street, out of this neighborhood and even out of Newcastle. The way up to the Mansion was through the woods, at least the first part what would I define as the forest already as well. I never liked it here and the fact that you seriously wouldn't even see your own hand in front of you if the car headlights wouldn't shine didn't make me feel better about what was currently happening. The time I spent in the backseat of Matty's car, alone since I was the only left when everyone else already organized themselves to drive with their closest friends, wasn't properly used, to be honest. I should've thought about what I would have to do in case that something really happens, I should've checked my phone for enough battery or the number I had to call but I didn't. I actually spent these 20 minutes drive with thinking about a mirror, about a ghost and the scenario what's probably going to happen anyway. I was always that sort of girl what never said no to the actual existence of ghosts, phantoms, demons and what not. I even believed in vampires when I was younger. However, I didn't really want to believe that there's a ghost up in the Styles mansion what would come to find and kill you if you called his names 4 times in front of a mirror.

And I surely didn't fancy the way Matty talked and joked about it all the time we drove.

"Nothing's gonna happen anyway." he laughed.

"Why are you so sure about that?" I asked, wondering about how easily he said that.

"It's a fucking prank to fear little kids on Halloween, okay? Don't worry. Nothing's gonna happen to your Ansel boy." he laughed, looking at me through the rear mirror.

"It's not my Ansel boy, okay?" I snapped back, quickly locking my eyes with the darkness outside the car.

We soon approached the little clearing. Matty parked the car next to everyone else's and opened my door. I muttered a thanks but I wasn't sure if he even understood. I didn't care anyway because he simply is completely insane. I mean, how can you not worry about this whole thing? Why is everyone else so naive and stands here like nothing's just happening?

I stood myself next to Hannah. She was worried, too, I could see it in her expression. Her eyes looked milky and dull and so she glanced over to Ansel and Natt, which jumped on one foot to the other. They were excited, for what reason ever.

And it was soon when my eyes discovered the huge object behind their back. It was only a big, old and rusty gate that separated us from the mansion. I don't think I've ever seen something as giant and as forbidding, as awesome as this house was. Never before in my entire life I felt this cold, this frightened and never before I had thoughts like this crossing my mind. Including the most idiotic things and the scariest; death. I somehow knew that something terrifying really is going to happen in there and I would've preferred staying outside or even going home.


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