Chapter 2: The Dream [✔]

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Levy's P.O.V.

Gajeel watched me while I drank my tea. Lily was still curled up in his lap. They looked so cute! I wonder how Gajeel would look like with a baby in his arms....Levy! Stop thinking like that! He doesn't like you! You are just friends! So don't mess it up with your stupid crush. I sighed.

"Gajeel, I think I'll go to sleep now." I said feeling sleepy. He nodded.

"Yeah. Sweet dream." he said and walked out of the room. Did he just wished me sweet dreams? I blushed. Lily came up to me and crawled in a ball next to me.I took my bag and took out a small bag with kiwis. I got back in bed and gave the bag to Lily. Happy he took it and took out one kiwi. His eyes sparkled and he took a bite out of it.

"For what?" he asked with mouth full. I smiled at him and pulled him closer so he can warm me up suddenly feeling cold.

"For being a good friend." I whispered and fell asleep with a small smile on my lips.

Gajeel's P.O.V.

"Yeah. Sweet dream." I said and walked out. Why did I just say that? I automatically said that like I've said that my whole life. I shook it off, sat on the couch and closed my eyes.

"Levy's sleeping." I heard Lily's voice and opened my eyes. He was sitting next to me with a bag of kiwis in his hands.

"Levy's gonna spoil you."

"How?" he asked, playing dumb. I smirked.

"Giving you kiwi's every day. I wonder how you're not sick of them." the last part saying to myself.

"You're just jealous." he smirked and took a bite of another kiwi.

"Of what?" I asked standing up and stretched my arms.

"She is giving more attention to me, than you." he said jumping off the couch.

"And why would I care about that?" I asked him tying my combat boots.

"Cause you like her." he said and ran in his room.

"Stupid cat." I whispered to myself and got out of the house for a walk. I like the Shrimp. Yeah right. She's just my friend. Then why did you smiled when she smiled in her sleep? Cause she looked cute. Damn it! I think she looks cute. Don't worry Gajeel, she's not your type. I calmed myself down. But that made me think: what is my type? Well my type is smart, short, is tough...has blue hair, wears orange dress, uses script magic. Damn it that's Levy! I sighed. I didn't like her, I just think about her a lot. Levy... it was weird saying her name. But it made me feel mushy. I don't know why, but it made me feel mushy, soft, happy. Lily would never let me of his hook if he found out what I'm thinking. I sighed. I've been doing that a lot today.

A cold nights wind sent shivers down my spine, so I looked where I ended up. I was at the tree in the park where I hung up Shrimp, orange top and fish tail. Remembering that moment made my heart ache. I know that Shrimp forgave me about that. When I first joined the guild I didn't care what I did to her, but now when we are friends I still felt bad about that.

I turned around and walked back home. After 10 minutes I quietly walked in my house and tossed myself on the couch.

Cause you like her... He was just joking I thought and drifted to sleep.

I opened my eyes. I was in my bed. But how? I remember I came home and fell asleep on the couch. Wait. If I'm in my bed then that means that the Shrimp is next to me. I slowly turned to my side and saw Levy sleeping next to me. She turned around so she was snuggling against my chest. Her small fist grabbed my shirt. I felt my cheeks burn up. Was I blushing? I can't. I rubbed my cheeks trying to make the feeling disappear. I didn't want to wake her up so I didn't move. I stared at her peaceful face. It was so beautiful. Again with the 'beautiful'. Her breathing got slower and slower...

...until it stopped.

"Levy! Levy! Wake up!" I yelled shaking her by her shoulders, but she didn't open her eyes. It felt like my heart was stabbed by millions Erza's swords. I took my hands off of her. I had to know how she died. I ripped the covers of, but there was no blood. Her heart couldn't gave out. She was too joyful. I felt my eyes getting wetter and wetter, but I didn't care. I didn't care that Lily, Salamander or the stripper could walk in here and see me crying. I didn't care that they would laugh at me for crying, cause I just lost a wonderful friend.

I felt a strong arm on my shoulder. I slowly turned around and saw a man all dressed in black.

"She's dead..."

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