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Chapter 1

I stared at my new school. This would be the 5th school this year. Since, my dad's in the military, I'm used to moving around, doesn't mean I have to like it.  

I sighed in resignation and turned back to my dad, who sat in his BMW M6.

"Have fun a school" he yelled through the open window, before speeding away.

I turned back and looked at the school. It's resemblance to a prison was uncanny, with its high retaining wall and drab colors. There was barbed wire lining all of the outside fences. I took a deep breath and started the long trek to the schools office, the dry heat of San Diego making me sticky with sweat. When I finally reached the office, I stopped in front of the heavy oak doors to collect myself.

I yanked back the double doors and was greeted by a wave of cold air. The office was a depressing mixture of grays and gray-blues. The woman behind the front desk was short, with fiery red hair, springing everywhere around her head. She glanced up from her computer to where I was standing. A pleasant smile broke across her face.

"Hello dear, how can I help you?" she asked.

"Um, yeah. I'm new here and I need to pick up my class list and locker number." I said nervously. My usual confidence seemed to elude me today. "Also do you have any co-ed sport teams?"

"Oh,yes deary. All our teams are co-ed, but no girls aren't any of the teams. There aren't girls who want to try out." She responded.

"What do you mean?" now I was seriously confused.

"Oh, you didn't' know? There are only 19 girls in the whole school, and to tell you the truth, I don't like any of them."She whispered, almost like she was telling me the biggest secret ever."May I ask your name, sweetheart?"

"Oh, I'm Nicole Sinclair."She pushed a few buttons on her computer before looking up and extending a slip of paper to me. She laid it out on the desk.

"This is your class list and this is your locker number." Pointing to first the big slip, then the smaller numbers written in the corner.

"Thank you." I smiled and turned around, bumping into what had to be the hottest guy I've ever seen. He caught me right as I started to fall and righted me.

He looked like a Greek god. He was maybe six feet with broad shoulders and a lean build. His body rippled with muscle beneath clothes that hugged his body perfectly. His hair was long and hung in his eyes. It was at least five different shades of blonde. His eyes were a deep blue with flecks of gold and silver in them.

"Hey, are you new here?" His voice was like melted honey. Smooth and sweet. I struggled to hold back the shivers that his voice caused.

"Yep, I'm Nicole." I said lamely, and stuck out my hand.

"Tyler" He said, just before his warm hand engulfed mine.

~*~*~Tyler's P.O.V ~*~*~

"Tyler" I said, dazzled by the girl standing in front of me. She was even hotter than Heather, my girlfriend and the leader of the cheerleading squad.

She was like a goddess. She was a little over 5'8. Her long hair was falling around her face in perfect waves. It was a deep chestnut color, with dark brown streaking through it. Her booty shorts and button-up shirt showed perfectly tan skin. She had smooth, endless legs and her eyes were the color of frozen grass

I heard the door slam behind me. I ripped my eyes off Nicole to glance over my shoulder. It was Jake. He's been my best friend since like the 5th grade.

"Hey Jake, wassa up?!" I asked him, as he walked over. I turned and gave him a 'guy' hug. I noticed that he was checking Nicole out over my shoulder. I felt a sudden flare of possessiveness, but instead of analyzing it, I just shoved it away.

"Nothin' much. But what have you been up to, Ty?" casting a meaningful glance at Nicole, who was starting to look uncomfortable.

"Um... Jake this is Nicole. Nicole - Jake." I said.

Jake stared at her for a second before asking, "Nicole do you wanna hang out tonight?"

"Um, no." she said shyly, a blush crawling over her cheeks.

"WHY THE HELL NOT?!" Jake yelled. She flinched at his voice, fear flashing in her eyes.

"I have things to do after school." she whispered, looking down.

~*~*~Nicole's P.O.V ~*~*~

"And what exactly could be more important than me, one of the hottest guys in school?" he said loudly.

Geez, arrogant much? I thought.

"I'm trying out for the school's sports teams." I said hoping they wouldn't hear me.

They both froze, before they started laughing uncontrollably. They were gasping for air, wiping tears from their eyes.

"Stop it!!! NOW!!!!" I shrieked, my temper boiling.

"We're sorry! We're sorry!" They yelled together, still laughing and gasping for air.

"What sports are you trying out for? You do know tryouts were over two weeks ago, right?" Ty asked between gasps of breath.

"My uncle's the principle, he promised me that he'd let me try out." I said matter-o- factly.

"Wait, wait, wait. Your related to the principle? The principle is -"

"Yes!" I said, trying not to let the full force of my anger seep into my voice.

"Anyways, what sports are you trying out for?" Jake asked.

"Um... tell me what teams you guys are on first, then I'll tell you." I had to know if there was a possibility of us being on the same teams.

"We're on the baseball, basketball, football and soccer teams" They said together.

Oh shit! ,I thought, they're on every team I wanna be on.

"You still haven't answered our questions." They said in unison. I thought about whether to tell them or not. I decided not was the better way to go. They'd find out after school anyways.

"And I'm not gonna." With that I stuck my tongue out and took off as fast as I could with my backpack and gym bag weighing me down, in the opposite direction.


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