Chapter 65 - Surprise!

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7 Months Later

(Tay POV)

Today Is My Day. The Day That I Take That Step Foot Forward To Officially Committing To The Love Of My Life.

"Girls Girls Girls" I Heard Ma Yell Into The Dressing Room. "Please Make Sure Your Ready In Five" She Told Them.

"Ma? How Do I Look?" I Asked Standing Up.

Visual All The Way In The Beginning.

"You Look Gorgeous" She Told Me. "Even With This Big Belly Of Yours" She Said.

Yes Im Still Preggo. I Was 8 Months Pregnant Nearing My 9. But The Way My Stomach Is Looking I Was Ready To POP.

"You Sure You Not Having Twins Again?" Ma Asked Me.

"Who Knows?" I Said With A Smile.

Knock Knock Knock

"Who Is It?" Me And Ma Asked At The Same Time.

"It's Me" The Person Said.

"Me Who?" Ma Asked.

"Ma It's Gemini" I Heard Gemini Say From Behind The Door And Automatically A Wide Smile Grew On My Face.

"Nope... Son You Know You Cant See The Bride Yet" Ma Said.

"I Know" He Said. For A Second Or Two He Didn't Say Anything. "I Just Wanna Hear Her Voice" He Said.

I Got Up And Walked To Door. "I'm Here" I Said.

"I Can't Wait To See You" He Said.

"I Miss You Gemini" I Said.

"I Can't Imagine How Beautiful You Look" He Said.

"You Won't Need To. Soon I'll Be Walking Towards You With The Biggest Smile" I Said.

"If I Cry Don't Be Surprised" He Said.

"Awww Gem" I Said.

"How My Babies?" He Asked.

"You Mean Baby Without The 's" I Said. "And Geneva Is Well" I Said.

That's The Name I Picked For My Baby Girl.

"Ha... You Mean Mini Trenton" He Said.

Gemini Strongly Desires A Boy. So He Thinks Thats What I'm Carrying. I'm 7 Months And I Should Know Right, Yeah. But I Asked The Doctor To Not Tell Me What Gender It Is But Just Tell Me My Baby Is Healthy.

"We'll See" I Said.

"We Sure Will" He Said.


"Beautiful" I Heard From Behind Me.

Despite Not Looking I Still Knew Who It Was.

"I See You Got My Invite" I Said.

"This Day Is A Day I Couldn't Miss" She Said.

I Got Up And Walked Towards Her And Gave Her A Huge Hug. "Thank You Mommy" I Said.

Yes My Mom You Guys. Last Time We Meet It Wasn't All Too Pleasant. After My Mom Was Put In The Hospital Everything Changed. Some Weeks Later Comes To Find Out She Had A Brain Tumor Which Wasn't Diagnosed Early. She Doesn't Know How Long She Have Left So I'm Helping Her Through It All.

"I Hope I'm Here To See This Baby Be Born" She Said.

"Come On Now... You Know I Hate When You Say Stuff Like That" I Said.

"I Know I'm Sorry" She Said. "What Are You Naming Her?" She Asked Me.

"At Lease You Know It's A Girl... Gemini Doesn't Get It" I Said. "I'm Naming Her Geneva Justice" I Told Her.

"Justice" My Mom Said.

"Yup I Gave Her Your Middle Name" I Said.

"Greatest Gift" My Mom Said.

(Gemini Pov)

Today Was The Day. I Couldn't Wait To See My Wife To Be.

Love Don't Change By Jeremih Began To Play. Everyone Turned Their Head To Watch Who Was a Coming Down The Isle.

First Came Tion And TD. Tion Was Tays Maid Of Honor And TD Was My Best Man. Next Came Down Giolani And Dayna, Then Gilani And Jasmine. Gilani Yes My Brother. We Have Made Up And Put The Past Behind Us. After Gilani And Jasmine Came Levy And Chloë, Then JJ And Tays Friend Silvina.

Afterwards Genesis Came Out Bearing The Rings Looking Adorable As Ever. Looking Just Like Tay. She Wore A Huge Smile The Whole Way Down The Isle. After Her Came Tiona Being The Best Flower Girl She Could Be. She Didn't Just Flower The Floor She Flowered The People To And They Were Loving It.

After Tiona Came Down The Music Changed To Classic Man And First Came Out My Nephew Kel. He Came Out And Stood. Then King Came Out And Stood Next To Him. My Little Man Was Looking Handsome Just Like His Daddy. Next To Him Pops Up Key.

"Look At My Boys" I Heard Lani Say.

"Look My Little Man" I Said.

"All 3 Look Better Than You Two" Gilani Said And With That We Had A Little Quiet Laugh. When Jidenna Began That When The Boys Walked Down. Instead Of Being Normal Just Like Everyone Else They Were Flexing And Posing For The Cameras.

After The Boys Came Down And Stood By The Men. You Are My Rock By Beyoncé Came On But Tay Didn't Yet Come Out Yet. Rell Was The One Who Tay Picked To Walk Her Down The Isle In Replacement Of Her Dad. He Stood Waiting For Tay But She Didn't Come. I Felt My Heart Slightly Drop.

Everyone Looked Around. Wondering Where My Bride Was.

"Where Tay?" Gio Asked.

"Really Gio?" I Said. I'm Standing Right Beside This Man. How He Expect Me To Know.

I Look To Rell And He Shrugged His Shoulders.

"THE BABY IS COMING" Tays Mom Said As She Bursted In.

The Whole Room Gasped.


Everyone Was In The Room. Family Ofcourse.

"My Son Is Coming?" I Asked As Soon As I Got Into The Room And Went By Her Side.

She Was Sitting On A Chair With A Bottle Of Water In Her Hand Rubbing Her Belly.

"No Who Said?" I Asked.

"Your Mom Said The Baby Coming" I Told Her.

"Ma" Tay Said Turning To Her Mom.

"I Panicked" She Said.

"Baby Are You Okay?" I Asked.

"Where Does It Hurt?" JJ Asked As He Entered The Room With Gloves On.

"I'm Fine... My Water Just Broke" She Said.

"JJ What You Gone Do With Those?" I Asked Him.

"Deliver This Baby" He Said.

"Fuck Out Of Here" I Told Him.

"You Not In No Pain?" Ma Asked Tay.

"Nope But I Suggest Someone Take Me To The Hospital Before The Pain Starts" Tay Said.

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