Paradox [Karma Akabane]

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I'm making this book into an Assclass scenario and One shot book because it will be easier for me. I've been recently not motivated to create scenarios.

I hope you can accept my choice and I'm sorry for the confusion for the past month.

I want to start a fresh new page ;)


You had always intrigued the red head.

You sat on the park bench sketching on a piece of paper. You grabbed another pencil as you begun to shade the dress in a darker shade.

The boy stood from afar everyday watching you draw and design at the same park bench after school.

You were always there alone. Karma had always wanted to talk to you, sometimes he would sit on the other end of the bench and read his book when he was actually watching you draw.

He found it interesting as you bought life on the paper. Drawing and sketching and soon a picture was born from the paper.

Just a pencil and paper was enough to surprise him.

He continued to do that for a month, watching you from a far distance. He really hoped someday he could speak to you.


"Students you do know that we're having a picnic at the park today?" Koro~sensei grinned. This got his hopes high, Karma could see you at the park.

"Meet me at the park in two hours and we will be having a party."

"Why though?" Maehara asked.

"Because I can. I'm a teacher. Okay Class is dismissed and meet you at the park in 2 hours. Bring some party food because somebody stole my cash to eat icecream gahhhh!"

Karma dashed out of the classroom grabbing his belongings and headed towards the park to see you. 

He was very early as the party and it was going to start in 2 hours, thinking of a way to past the time he decided to finally speak to you.

There you were sitting on the park bench like there was no tomorrow.

Walking up towards you as you sketched a tree, he gathered up the courage to speak to you. After 1 month of watching you he was finally going to do it.

"Hello, there that's a nice drawing."

Still there was no reply, you continued to draw like you never heard him.

"I'm not sure if you've noticed, I've been around here for a month. I hope you didn't think I was some creepy stalker." he male gave a light awkward chuckle, hoping to start a simple conversation with you.

You continued to ignore him and this got him mad, dropping his bag on the other end of the bench he decided to go to the sweet shop to buy some cakes. After this one month was all wasted?

"You know every time a guy speaks to you, it doesn't mean he's hitting on you. You know what stuff this, I'm done."

Stomping away to the shop, across the park, the male headed to buy some sweets for the party.


You sat on the bench continuing to draw. Finishing your sketch, you wrote a little message and folded it, you placed it under Karma's bag. Walking away as you headed home.

After 10 minutes of deciding what Karma wanted to buy he headed out of the shops and walked towards the park.

You were not there, however his bag was there. Checking if anybody stole his textbook he saw a note under his bag.

Opening the note slowly he saw the sketch of the tree, it was truly beautiful. The message however made him guilty, this drove him insane. He could not believe it.

'I'm sorry if I offended you in someway. I'm deaf.'


sIKE yOU thOUGHt It WAS fLOOF (fluff)

Gahhhhh, based on a video I saw it was sad an all smh. I like writing angst but not reading them.

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