Jumpscares- Cole

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"Cole what is this?" You asked as he shut his bedroom door.

"I found this game and I think we should play it." He said shutting the light off, leaving the computer screen to illuminate the room. Ever so lightly.

"What kind of game?" You asked kinda suspicious of him.

"Its a fun game!" He said a smirk on his face, that you couldn't see.

"Okay then." You said and clicked on the screen. "Tattletail? Interesting."

Cole sat on his bed, watching and waiting. He knew exactly how you got when you were scared.

You started the game, "Haha, I actually opened a few presents before Christmas before." You chuckled.

"I know you did." He smirked.

As you got further into the game, you met mama. "Man she's creepy.....wait everything is dark."

Cole waited for this moment. "Shake the flashlight to see."

"Okay." As you shook the flash light, mama said something before it went quiet.

"What the.............

"AHHHHHHH!!" You screamed fall your of the chair

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"AHHHHHHH!!" You screamed fall your of the chair.

"Hahaha!! Got ya sis!!" Cole laughed.

"Ugh, Cole I swear!" You yelled at him.

Let's just say he knew better than to scare you like that again.

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